Get some amazing 3D planters delivered right to you!

3D Growers is started by Logro Farm LLC. It is a very unique concept where creativity and design is married to caring for the environment and the experience of personalized growing.

The project on Kickstarter is currently up for funding. The project consists of each individual choosing a planter that speaks of and matches his or her personality and style. There are hundreds of designs to choose from and even more to come. Once the design has been chosen, the size ranging from 1 inch to 20 inches is to be chosen.

3D Growers

The small planters from 1 – 4 inches are wearable around the neck, as rings, in the lapel or even on the wrist. There are larger planters which are up to 8 inches and the jumbo ones are up to 20 inches.

The individual then needs to choose the material which they want the planter in – it could be plastic, nylon or even plant based plastic. Keeping in mind the environment, the company is developing sustainable options made of materials like brewers, grains and coffee grounds which are recycled.

There are over 250 materials which can be used for 3D printing and the printing is done layer by layer from a digital file image, for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing and that too with environment friendly materials.

The last step is choosing the color – including glow in the dark options.

The company also provides organic soil as well as seeds of various mushrooms, microgreens and herbs or else the individual can buy it at their local nursery as well.


  • These offer unique designs of planters including chess or checker sets, tic-tac-toe planters, ceiling or wall mounted planters, stackable planters or those made in custom designs.
  • Corporates can even use these as a means of branding.
  • These planters can be given to children as education packs
  • It is an amazing concept which uses the advances of technology and science for creating low waste food products.

You can support this project and join them at:


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