1st Birthday Party Ideas To Make Your Baby Feel Happy

First birthday for any baby would be as special for the parents as the child would not know anything about it. But as you make it more wonderful and special, the child would feel proud when he grows up and gets to know about it by looking at the photographs you have taken for them.

As this is for the first time you are celebrating your baby’s birthday, for you it would be a grand celebration.

Therefore here are some 1st birthday party ideas which should be noted to make the party the best.

The first thing is planning the party time. It should be after the nap of the baby. The baby should be fed, should be awake and in a good mood so that they can enjoy the whole party comfortably.

If you are planning for a long party (for more than 2-3 hours), make sure that you feed your child in between. Do not overfeed them at once, instead give them small quantities of milk or food regularly after 1-2 hours.

Care that, babies run out of their energy very fast so be prepared with all your preparations in advance. For instance, if you have arranged for a professional camera person then check with them twice that they are coming at the right time and with all the necessary accessories.

If you are taking pictures with your personal camera then be sure that the batteries are fully charged, memory card is empty and ready for the fresh captures so that there is no last minute disappointments.

When it comes to inviting the guests, ensure that you invite only VIPs for the 1st birthday party. As babies would not like too much of crowd surrounded by them, they may get annoyed soon which will also make your mood off. Understand that your baby is too young to understand the things going around him. So do not force him to be casual with everyone, even if it is your boss.

Do not get disappointed if your baby starts crying in the crowd. It may happen with babies and he/she may calm down after some time. Just try to make your baby feel comfortable all the time. Give them a comfortable baby nap cushion, a baby swing, few exciting toys, etc which will make them happy.

Rather than continuously concentrating on the crowd, if possible arrange some persons to look after your guests, as your baby may need your extra support at that time.

Overall try to make your baby enjoy his day to the maximum. There is no special 1st birthday party ideas other than taking care of your baby to the best you can. This will surely make you and your baby rejoice.

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