5 Best Nuts for Good Healthy Family

Nuts are good to health. You may have heard this many times. But do you really know what nuts are best for your health. Here we discuss the best 5 nuts that are good to health. Check them out.

We have been told that nuts are good for health and some are even regarded the ultimate super foods. However, there are people avoiding eating nuts as they hear that nuts are high in calories and fat. These people might are not understanding that majority of fat found in nuts are good heart-healthy type, called as monounsaturated fats. Therefore, the fat you are taking is only benefiting your health and not harming your waistline.

Best Nuts

You do not need to be scared of nuts thinking of its high fat counts. You have to essentially realize that some nuts will provide different health benefits such as Peanuts consist of high amounts of folate whereas almonds include more calcium than any other type of nut. Besides each of their particular nutrient strengths, each nut also offers different volume of other nutritional properties such as vitamins, protein, fiber and minerals. Nuts are one of the best sources of antioxidants as well.

Famous dietitians recommend nuts as a snack to their clients. There are lots of different nuts to choose from that even a fussiest eater will be able to discover one kind he/she likes. Nuts are easy to transport and do not need heating or refrigeration. The fat included in nuts is not bad for health, they include a good volume of protein, nutrients and primarily good fats. Individuals with health problems such as gestational diabetes and cardiac risks are suggested to add nuts into their diet.

Hope you are now convinced that nuts are great for health. Now, you may be searching out which nuts to be included for snacking. Here we come up with a list of top 5 healthiest nuts with their benefits to your body. If you want to start eating nuts to improve your health, check out the below mentioned healthiest nuts. Of if you are looking to buy the best quality Planters Mixed Nuts, you may check them here.

  1. Pistachios

Also called as ‘The Skinny Nut’, Pistachios consist of 3 calories for each one, which are low in fat and include high volume of fiber. These nuts are the best source of vitamin B6, Potassium, protein and thiamin. Certain studies report that eating Pistachios helps prevent high blood pressure as it decreases cholesterol levels in individuals who have cardiac risks. Besides, it has been reported that a diet that includes a daily course of Pistachios can help reduce the risk of lung and other types of cancers. One ounce serving of Pistachio amounts to 160 calories.

  1. Peanuts

Peanuts are also called as Monkey Nuts. It is a legume including higher levels of protein than other real nuts. Studies show that regular intake of peanut helps enhance cholesterol levels and decrease risk of cardiac diseases. Peanuts are filled with antioxidants that protect cells from harm related to heart disease and cancer. Besides, these nuts are also good for keeping blood sugar level normal and so, it can be the best source of protection again type-2 diabetes. Peanuts are a good source of vitamin E that helps safeguard the skin and include right amounts of vitamin B, potassium, fiber and magnesium. Reports say that Americans spend around $800 million every year on peanut butter and consumes around 150 calories in per ounce.

  1. Cashews

Cashew nuts are a great source of iron. It includes twice as much iron as ground beef. This makes cashews a great source for pregnant women and vegetarians. They are also filled with magnesium, helping maintain healthy bones and are essential for energy. A great source of calcium, cashews include zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin, folic acid, and trace quantity of omega-3 fatty acids. They include a low fat content than other nuts and can help decrease the occurrence of gallstones. Per ounce serving of cashew nuts include 157 calories.

  1. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are rich with high selenium content. It is claimed that selenium can help defend against breast and prostate cancers, male infertility, AIDS symptoms, skin disorders, asthma and anxiety. They are also vital for thyroid health. However, do not eat too many of Brazil nuts. Eating them in big amounts may cause selenosis, also called as selenium poisoning. You need one Brazil nut every day to get the needed daily amount of selenium, and at 186 calories for 1 ounce. These nuts are best sources o Vitamin E and B and vital fatty acids. They are super healthy nuts plentiful as well because a Brazil nut tree produces around 250 pounds of nuts in just a year.

  1. Pecans

A great source of Vitamin E, Pecans can help protect against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and cardiac diseases. They are rich in plant sterols and antioxidants that help prevent the plaque formation which causes hardening of the arteries and are also effective for reducing cholesterol levels. A good source of Vitamin B3, Pecans is the best choice if you are feeling lethargic because this vitamin helps access the energy in our food. Per ounce serving of pecan nuts include 196 calories.

Nuts are showing that good things come in small packages. These small size nutritional power sources are rich in heart healthy fats, vitamins, protein and minerals. Well, you are given with information on which nuts are good for health. However, to get the most health benefits, you have to pay attention to how you eat them. They are the best thing to eat when you have a carbohydrate like juice or fruit, as it helps decrease digestion and the breakdown of sugar.

Some good nut-and-carb combos are; sparge them on salads, put low or nonfat yogurt, or include nut butter on slices of pear or apple. You can try out your own ideas about eating nut along with carb items. After making clear about the top 5 nuts for health benefits, now you may be thinking that which is the healthiest nut overall. Well, a review in the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide during 2004 says that you don’t have to choose just one. Mixed nuts, raw and unsalted ones provide you with the best range of antioxidants and nutrients.

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