6 Handy Tips for New Mommies

Most new moms have a hard time adjusting to the changes that comes with childbirth. As they recover from pregnancy and childbirth, they also have to deal with an infant who wakes up several times in the dead of the night due to colic, hunger or just a bit of attention. Luckily this state is only temporary and your child will adjust to sleeping through the night to allow you get your much needed sleep.

The only problem is that during those days when your baby keeps waking up at night, you are likely to feel like you are going crazy. To help you deal with those crazy moments, consider the new mommy advice offered below:

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1- Delegate night time feeding

You are not a super mom and you should never try to be one, so to enable you retain your sanity, consider letting a loved one take the 2.am shift for you. Some mommies love to perceive themselves as the only source of the baby’s nourishment; however this attitude will not get you anywhere. Being unable to get enough sleep or sleep deprivation can easily lead to postpartum depression which can affect your life, family and your baby. On some nights you may feel really bottomed out and need a full night’s sleep. During such night, you may have to consider giving the baby formula milk.

2- Take naps

As a new mommy you will need all the energy and sleep you can get to enable you take care of your baby. To help you along, consider sleeping when the baby sleeps. You may have a lot to do, however, during the baby’s naptime, drop everything and catch some shuteye. You can consider getting a baby carrier to help you perform some duties when the baby is awake to ensure that when the baby dozes off, you can also have a few winks. In addition learning how to nurse when lying down will help you to master how to drift off while the baby is feeding.

If you are one of those mommies who have a hard time sleeping with dirty laundry or dishes lying around, consider hiring someone to clean up. You can also hire someone to spend time with your baby, this will help to give you peace of mind and allow yourself to fall into deep sleep.

3- Consider changing the baby’s sleeping arrangements

There is a lot of debate about where the baby should sleep. While some people would rather the child sleep in the family bed, others prefer to have the baby sleeping in a crib. Experts also disagree on whether the child should sleep within or without earshot. While a verdict may not be in soon, you can consider following the simple rule of thumb that stipulates that if your sleeping arrangements are keeping other awake, try something else.

Having the child sleeping without earshot may seem like a cruel ideal to most new moms. What you should know is that babies normally cries during sleep. If you wake up every time your child cries even when he is asleep will not help much in your effort to be a good mommy. Here the rule of the thumb is: avoid rushing in whenever your child cries, rather allow the child’s wails to wake you up when they are loud enough to signify real distress.

4- Put yourself in sleep mode

While you may be dog-tired, it is never easy to doze on command. As a result, most new mommies find that caring for newborns with erratic sleep patterns usually throw their biological clock off the track. When sleep opportunities come, you need to give yourself time to relax. You can consider experimenting with eye mask, earplugs or a white noise machine. Alternatively, you can have someone take the baby for a stroll; this is because having the baby out of the house will help you relax in bed compared to lying in bed wondering what you are doing.

5- Do not compare yourself to others

Do not get overly concerned about what other moms are doing. Try not to compare yourself to any other mom since you and the baby have unique needs. As a mother, you will know if you are doing the best and no one should ever judge you harshly for how you are raising your child. Keep reminding yourself that everyone is different .As long as you trust your instincts, then you are doing a good job.

6- Try different techniques

While you are learning how to deal with your baby, do not be afraid of trying different techniques for putting him to sleep or feeding time. If the child is fussing when you are rocking him in your arms, consider putting him against your shoulder or offer him a pacifier. While you are getting used to your babies likes and dislikes, you may need to try out different things before you find what really makes him happy.

Basically the first year of motherhood is packed with the joy of childbirth, sleepless nights and many other surprises. In most circumstances, everyone including parents, pediatricians, books and friends as well as other well-meaning bystanders seems to have an opinion on how to deal with your child. The new mommy advice offered by all these sources can at times drive a mother crazy. Figuring out how and which advice to take as well as which to ignore completely will require you to simply trust your instincts.

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