AccuMed® Combo 40 Ovulation (LH) & 20 Pregnancy (HCG) Test Strips

Planning for a baby in the first year of marriage or the latter is the most exciting moment in every couple’s life. When you have planned to get conceived, it is common to be a little bit of impatient to let it happen soon. In that case, definitely you are eager to know your certain ways to have intercourse which lets you conceive and get accurate results of pregnancy. It means you are missing the fertile days of the month and moving towards pregnancy period that leads to motherhood. Congratulations!

Every woman desires to enjoy motherhood and very soon wish to conceive and fill the loneliness in her life with a cute child. Due to the advancement in technology and advanced innovations, the method of testing, pregnancy is made easy at every step at present when compared to past years. The latest innovation is Pregnancy and ovulation strips which not only find hCG but also measures the levels of hCG to assess the time since the early ovulation.

Choose the best ovulation and pregnancy test strips

If you are looking for a trusted pregnancy strip of superior quality and standard then you have AccuMed combo ovulation and pregnancy test strips which are 100% accepted and 99% precise. The pregnancy strips finds the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin, which appears in the urine in early pregnancy. As the Accumed strips are manufactures with high standards, it can detect the pregnancy with accurate results. Instead of testing with cheap quality strips and feeling doubtful, rely on these standard strips and get 100% results in less time. Beware of those low cost strips which are sensitive in customer ratings.

How do this Ovulation test strips work?

Predicting pregnancy period and ovulation is an easier task at present and it begins with Accumed combo pack of ovulation and pregnancy strips detecting the hCG in your urine as mentioned earlier. The best time to use it is to track your cycle with the ovulation strip and try then plan to conceive. If you wish to determine the exact time to use in the month, then it depends upon your cycle. On the other hand, for every woman, it is not compulsory to perform testing in the early hours of the morning as it can be done any time of the day. Before that, drink excessive water to dilute the LH in urine. It is best to reduce the intake of water for nearly two hours before performing testing.

Maximizes your chances of conceiving naturally

Most of the women are unaware that a few days in every menstrual cycle, which makes a woman fertile, is not so easy to identify. To find it, you have Accumed pregnancy and ovulation combo strips to help you understand your ovulation cycle in a better way and identify your fertile days to make the most use of your chances of conceiving naturally. This product allows women to test and view the changes visually that takes place in the body and leads to pregnancy.

How LH in urine and E3G are used to know fertile days?

There are very less days, which let the women to get fertile and conceive and evidence shows that the high fertility lasts for 6 days starting nearly to 5 days earlier to ovulation and ending on the ovulation day. This 6 day, fertile period is influenced by:

  • The period of egg is about 24 hours after the ovulation.
  • The duration of the sperm this is more variable.
  • The median is 1.5 days and the sperm can survive till 5 days in the sperm supportive mucus present in the fertile days of the cycle.
  • Mainly, the survival of the sperm depends on the type and quantity of the mucus within the cervix and the quality of the sperm itself.

What are the most fertile days for a woman?

Every woman has two most fertile days of the 6 days, which are known as peak fertility days. It happens to the day previous to ovulation and the day it takes place. It is presented in the reports that a track in LH levels happens for 24-36 hours before to ovulation and it is an accurate marker of imminent ovulation. The urinary LH course mentions the two climax fertile days of every woman’s cycle.

Positive in every way

Our AccuMed Combo 40 Ovulation (LH) & 20 Pregnancy (HCG) Test Strips are in demand and approved for being accurate and detecting Human Chorionic Gonadotripin and Luteinizing Hormones at only 25ml level. If you are doubtful about your pregnancy and ovulation test, then rely on our product on Amazon and know when your ovulation cycle begins in order to reduce confusion and enhance your chances of getting pregnant. Apply and get the results in 5 minutes with just a simple dip of the strip in urine for 3-5 seconds.

Where to buy this product at competitive prices?

The best way to purchase AccuMed Combo 40 Ovulation (LH) & 20 Pregnancy (HCG) Test Strips is on Amazon in affordable price as we supply superior quality product which is easy to use and know the result. These strips are engineered with advanced technology to present results sooner than the cheap strips which are unsure of your missed periods. Click on and order the product which is crafted mainly for every woman who desires to track the cycle and get pregnant.

It is easy to use for any of your pregnancy either first or second and a dependable way to discover ovulation. The WHO experts mention that LH testing is an excellent way to detect ovulation and our product triggers the exact use of yours and presents in a good way.

Just trust on our product and buy from Amazon .com to save money and get the right trusted product in fewer working days. Get ready to follow a positive test and celebrate for getting conceived with your first baby or second.

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