Astrology Along With The Birth Chart, you: Locating Your ‘I’ Links To The Universe

Although your Birth Chart is about ‘You’, your lifetime and development and let us face it everything starts with self. As it’s a part of our procedure and improvement, you’ll find nothing wrong with this.

The natural zodiac starts with Aries, which can be a really ‘Me’ sign. We must develop deeper insight. By having a more profound comprehension, harmony will be promoted.

birth chart

We receive!

You create a link to the spirit of the Universe, its significance as well as life.

We are able to just talk from our personal expertise, as they make the link back with their core self, but I’ve seen this happening. Learning to use from it and becoming conscious of our core self is one of the gifts of astrology. There’s nevertheless, a whole lot more.


When young, it was perceived by me as a means of looking to the near future. In being a Sagittarius Sun and my naivety, I believed in a rosy future and my graph would tell me things that were excellent, ha! At a deeper level yet, with such a Sun I constantly wondered what life was actually around. What is the stage, I frequently believed, to life as all of US perish. Questioning my parents my mum’s response was ‘you reside through your kids’.

This is shown within my graph, but this is another story! Believing in an improved future and still wearing my rose coloured spectacles, I started my pursuit.

This is actually the Stage!

What it really did was to quench my internal search for deeper motives and understanding about life, although I may have started my journey not to mention my Sagittarius confidence. It linked me my core self, I started to feel linked to the universe.

I recall thinking; gosh there’s an extensive wisdom behind all of this. In the event you examine it, you can just appreciate the accurate worth of astrology. Anyone who does thus cannot refuse its wisdom and power to connect you to its own different measurements and all life.

In essence you happen to be learning about yourself as well as what better area can one analyze!!! This adds greater significance to life and expands your knowledge. This of course will not take away all of your problems and challenges, but boy can you confront and cope together much better from higher view at this point you have on life and the depth of comprehension.

Here, two things are occurring concurrently. Through your Birth Chart you’re becoming conscious of your inner self, which will be the manager of life and your outer conditions. This finally will link your core self and you.

As it gives guidance to your own lifetime find the real worth of your birth chart. In disclosing its secrets it shows amazing insights into your lifetime as well as yourself. Having a Psychology method of Astrology, Lucinda helps one to comprehend your Birth chart. This will give greater view to you and bring to your own current situation, along with guidance for the future.

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