Want To Have A Body Like Halle Berry After Pregnancy: Follow Her Tips


The Oscar winning actress, Halle Berry has just revealed her post pregnancy body rather sexier than sexy bod just within six weeks of time. How? Is the big question and Is it possible? Is another big question that recently became moms are asking themselves.



She stepped out for a shopping trip recently in Los Angeles and this forty one old year didn’t show a slightest fat on her stomach that was innocently exposed to the paparazzi.

Emerging getting a dip from the sea, clad in the bikini that was no longer than a handkerchief, Halle Berry is the perfect example of the woman who has shown that if you wish you can have an hourglass figure in a matter of time. Halle Berry was almost 2 months out of the limelight after her baby’s birth “Nahla”.

Halle was not sure if she could last till the workout ends hence she too had her fair share of being insecure when it came to losing weight after the pregnancy. With the help of good workout trainings and nutritional diet it made for her possible to lose weight quickly. If this Oscar winning actress can do it why not you?

The Comprehensive Workout Of Halle Berry

For those who were never been healthy, their post pregnancy body is a shock and requires a more amount of time to get back in shape, quoted Halle Berry. Being amongst one of them it was quite a struggle to lose weight. Her workouts were different then other celebrity moms, the comprehensive workouts followed were:

Cardio: Halle Berry started doing ten minutes warmup running up and down the stairs or on the treadmill or just kick boxing.

Strength Training 1: The exercises include 20 abs crunches, chest press ups, dumb bell workouts, working out with the exercise ball, repeating thrice.

Strength Training 2: These exercises mainly includes different types of squats 10 reps, and dumbbell rows 20 reps twice each.

Core Body Segment: Halle Berry loves doing plank, this also proved to be the best exercise toning her love angels, and abs. This helped her tighten her waist and squeeze back into her earlier figure.

Berry’s Top Diet Funda

Although pregnancy can be scary for many of us, but following healthy diet plan and doing regular exercises (in smaller quantities) can help us brilliantly during and after pregnancy. Here are some important tips and Berry’s diet funda which can be followed.

  • Do not overindulge in eating. Keep it normal since your body has gone through a radical change so it is important that you progressively get back in the shape.
  • There is no need to hurry to slim down, listen to your body if it is saying to slow down. Take some day off and start again.
  • Do not be lazy and find excuses of your pregnancy when it comes to your diet. Get going as soon as possible, the earlier the better.
  • No caffeine and no sodas, drink lots of water, juices and fluids this helps a lot in keeping the hunger pangs at bay.

That’s okay if your friend is losing the weight faster than you, you are not in some race competing will be foolishness. Take your time in losing pregnancy weight and make sure that it lasts for the lifetime.

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