Breast Feeding Pumps: Tips for Choosing The Best

Breast feeding pumps are required in order to extract milk from the breasts of a woman, who have recently given birth to a child. These are mechanical devices which can be operated manually with the help of human support.

Electrical breast pump devices are also available in the market, which are generally operated with the help of electrical batteries. Such machines are widely available in the market and are also known as human milk extractors.

Breast pumps are normally used on nipples where it creates a suction force to extract milk and then drain the same into a container like system. Milk is extracted in order to be stored for future usage.

Breast pumps extract milk on the basis of cycles which includes a complete process of placing the pump on the nipple for extraction, relieving the milk out of the breast, then getting in stored in an appropriate container.

Please note that breast pumps can facilitate the process of milk extraction but cannot initiate the process as such.Tunnel mechanisms are generally used in order to extract milk from a woman’s breast. The size of such tunnels varies from 24 mm till 35 mm approximately.

Different Types of Breast Pumps

There are several types of breast pumps which are available ranging from manual breast pump to electrical breast pump. Different kinds of technologies have been embedded within such types of breast pumps in order to extract milk from breasts. Various types of breast pumps are as mentioned below:

Piston Pumps: A piston is fitted to the cylinder in such a type of breast pump. This piston allows the process of extraction. Such types of mechanisms are of a limited speed, and tend to have assured longevity. Generation of noise is low, which remains to be an advantage.

Rotary vane Pumps – Retractable vanes used within a cam defines this kind of breast pump. However, as per experts, this type of a breast pump is no longer used widely for milk extraction.

Fast Diaphragm Pumps – these kinds of pumps are used for women, who have a higher rate of lactation. Diaphragms are acted upon a lever, which facilitates the process further. However noise generated is higher.

Slow diaphragm pumps – Slow diaphragm pumps are usually slow as it uses a larger diaphragm. Noise generated is however within control.

Besides the above list of breast feeding pumps, there are several other types which are powered by several other mechanisms.

When and why you should need Breast Feeding Pump?

Breast pumps are used due to various reasons. These are given as follows:

  • Breast pumps basically facilitate the process of breast milk storage, after the mother joins work. This helps the new-born baby to have a proper nutrition in the absence of the mother.
  • Breast pump sometimes are suggested by baby care givers in order to stimulate the process of milking in women who have recently given birth.
  • A breast pump can also be used in order to relieve the mother of any harmful symptoms due to milk over-deposition
  • Breast pumps are even used when the baby cannot suck enough quantity of milk from the mother’s breast.

Important Things to Consider When Selecting a Breast Pump

Certain important things that needs to be considered while selecting a pump remains to be as follows:

  1. Reliability of the product
  2. Price of the product should be considered while buying
  3. Availability, options for servicing and product replacement

Above all comfort and convenience of use is most important thing to check. Many breast pumps are of closed suction mechanisms which can create bacterial infections. Therefore, open system breast pumps are suggested by care-givers or nurses in order to provide better comfort

Trumom breast pump: One of the best options for moms

TRUMOM ELECTRIC BREASTFEEDING PUMP at is one of the most adaptive models that are available in the market.

Such a model has several advantages in terms of the following:

  • TRUMOM Electric devices are one of the best brands which can give you a natural feeling towards milk extraction
  • It works exactly like an infant suckling milk from the breast
  • You can operate the pump in several modes, like “Massage Mode” to “Stimulation Mode” which can facilitate the action of milk extraction
  • The product is extremely flexible and light enough to be carried
  • The product can be operated under a complete convenience and comfort level
  • The input materials are plastic which makes up the product is absolutely safe to be used in the long run
  • You can operate the machine with the help of electrical energy and hence it has no human dependence
  • TRUMOM brand is widely available in the market and the product can be ordered online as well
  • Cleaning of the product is extremely easy and each & every action is guided through a product manual to facilitate understanding for the patients

Breast pumps have become an inevitable part in the global societies due to increasing number of working mothers. Likewise breast pads are another useful products for working moms to stay dry when out and to prevent leakage of breast milk.

These nursing products are absolutely safe and can facilitate the process of milk extraction from new mothers and can help in inducing a healthy diet for the baby in her absence.

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