10 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms – Keep Them In Mind

Well, the new mother indeed plans all about the perfect breastfeeding process, but they don’t know what to expect in reality.

Breastfeeding is an affectionate and unique experience between the mother and her baby. That said, it can also prove to be a frightening and weak experience for a new mother.

When the process doesn’t go as planned or stated in the books previously read by a would-be mother, mommies of infants may get guilt for doing it the wrong way or more or less ashamed of not getting the right idea of it instantly.

But, on average, thousands of mothers experience some or other level of struggle with nursing before getting a rhythm over it.

So, we conducted a survey enquiring the breastfeeding mamas to share their pointers, tips, suggestions, and words of wisdom for the soon-to-be mothers. Here’s what they said:


Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

1- Don’t get surprised, if you’re hurt the first time

Breastfeeding does hurt in the beginning phase. Your nipples are fresh and cracked, your breasts are sore, and the letdown could be a real pain.

The starting two weeks are the most difficult. However, it gets usual with every passing day, and your breast will adjust once 15 days have passed!

2- Practice will make you perfect

One of the most common nursing tips is to try more nursing. You can look for support online, in the real world, professionally, or from other nursing mamas!

You can do whatever it takes to surpass this tough job. With better support and more practice, you can get used to it and gradually attain perfection.

3- Purchase some comfortable nursing bras or tanks (you’ll need them the most)

Invest in some comfortable nursing tanks. They are great and very easy for women at this stage.

You don’t have to pull up your shirts whenever you want to breastfeed. All you need to do is wear them under a cardigan, hoodie, or zip-up, and you’re good to go. Getting clothes out every time is a real headache for the new mommies!

4- Do not be scared of nipple coverings

Do not believe in the myth that nipple shields are evil and can kill your supply. This myth is 100% wrong.

If you find it as the only approach that your infant can latch, then it is perfectly alright to choose them- and you can easily deter them off whenever you want

5- Don’t forget to moisturize your nipples

The market is flooded with good creams that can nourish your chapped nipples. If not, then you can go for lip glosses too.

And another great idea for saving on nipple cream is to go for olive oil and instead your breast milk. It will work best in healing those painful and dry nipples.

6- Make a breastfeeding location

You can easily set up a breastfeeding location and remember that you have to spend around 10 hours of your day in the starting time.

Keep all your necessities and things of interest. For help, you can store an iPod, a water bottle, a notebook to keep a record of your feedings, diapers for your baby, remote control for the AC or fan, pillows, and breast pads.

Keeping all these things close to your breastfeeding location is essential for a mother.

7- Go for a breast pump

A good breast pump is your lifesaver. It gives the mother a chance to express milk at the right time and allows her to take a break whenever you want from feeding, making it a rewarding experience for her.

It also means that the father can get a chance to participate in the feeding process.

Selection of the right breast pump could be pretty tricky. It entirely depends on the need and requisition of the mother. There are options of manual as well as electric pumps too.

Setting up a good breastfeeding schedule and a good latch before a bottle is suggested is essential. It works a great sense of relief. It will also help the little one get used to something other than the mother.

8- Go for the best nursing supplies

While the best benefit of nursing is that you don’t need a lot of stuff to do it. As per the nursing tips, a new mother should have nursing equipment to make breastfeeding simpler.

  • Nursing cushions are comfortable and supportive for breastfeeding mother
  • Nipple creams will help you rejuvenate and moisturize your sore and chapped nipples
  • Nursing pads are essential as nursing mamas leak in the beginning. With the help of these pads, you can prevent yourself from getting embarrassed with a spot on your shirt in public.

9- Go for lactation consultancy- before the baby arrives

Find out the number of a good lactation consultant with good repute before the baby arrives.

You can also arrange a meeting at your home and get to know all about breastfeeding in real from experts making breastfeeding a success. It could be a little pricey, but indeed it’s worth it!

10- Do not skip food in any case

The new mothers get woozy in the starting weeks because they don’t consume enough calories.

Baby needs all the nutrients he wants, and he’ll get it from the milk, but you’ll be left with nothing. So hold good choices in eating- go for a healthy protein diet and eat lots and lots of veggies.

Keep some healthy snacks and water around you so you have something to munch and drink whenever you’re hungry or thirsty. Do not forget that you need extra fluids and calories for yourself and the baby.

With these tips, you can surely get the best help for your breastfeeding, making it a rewarding experience for a new mommy.

Keep yourself hydrated; relax, do not time watch and make breastfeeding a commitment to be a success. Your child is the best gift to you, and you want to give your best in feeding him. Try these tips and check out videos for more assistance.

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