Brief History Of The Numerology

A long time ago human were introduced to the magical power of the numbers. The exact time of origin of numerology is yet not known. The History of Numerology is still cloudy. But the present form of the mathematical numbers is discovered by Pythagoras during the 6th century. There is a vast and unending necessity of the numerology in the human life.

Apart from the necessity of numerology in the mathematics and in daily life, it has an astrological approach calculating which prediction of the future, past life of a person could be possible.

NumerologyIn the ancient era many famous and eminent mathematicians taught numerology, though nowadays it has been told as pseudoscience.

Before starting the culture of numerology by the Romans and the Greeks, the people of Japan, India, China, Egypt and Babylon has started working on it. In the discussion of the History of Numerology, the name of the great mathematician Pythagoras comes very easily.

He believed that every materialistic thing could be expressed in numbers and it is deeply associated with the energy and the vibrations. Socrates, Plato and other eminent mathematicians followed his numerological theory which finally comes across the Renaissance and becomes the today’s mathematics.

If you study the History of Numerology, you may find three types of numerology such as:

  • Pythagorean,
  • Chaldean and
  • Kabbalah

Among all of them the most popular one is Pythagorean numerology. The Kabbalah numerology belongs from the Hebrew mystics and it is based upon the name of the persons and not related to the date of birth.

That is why it is not so popular. Another one is Chaldean which is originated from the Babylon. Most probably it is the oldest number system. It is related with only the numbers not the alphabetical orders. While the Pythagorean numerology involves with both the numbers and the alphabetical orders.

Influence of Numerology and Numerology Master Numbers

Numerology is the study of the alleged divine, mystic or a special connection between a number and some corresponding proceedings. Numerology has many beliefs, traditions and systems. Nowadays, numerology is frequently related among the paranormal, together with astrology and like predictive arts. Numerology is a science which explains the occult influence of numbers upon life. Every number has its own meaning, its own characteristics and its own influence.

There are several methods of studying and analysing the influence of numbers on the lives of people. Numerological analysis is based on the study of birth dates of each and every individual – that is the primary numbers and the compound numbers. It does not include analysis of the influence of the month or the year in which the person was born, though some numerologists give weight-age of their influence too.

A simple and direct way of understanding the influence of the date of birth of the individual lives, and they merely need to identify the date of birth to gain a deep insight into the characteristics associated with that date. Equipped with that knowledge, the individual can recognise the strengths and weakness, accordingly the individual has to plan their future.

All the numbers contain one to ninety nine can be divided into single digit numbers which are known as primary numbers and the two digit numbers are known as the compound numbers. Numbers one to nine contains the primary numbers and forms the base from which all the other numbers are constituted. The numbers ten to ninety nine are a combination of primary numbers and are known as compound numbers.

Numerology master analyses the two digit numbers from ten to ninety nine. These numbers are frequently referred as ‘master numbers’. This study of numerology is based on the confirmation of important two digit numbers in the Kabbalah, the Pythagorean numerology, I-Ching, the Runes of the Viking age and the tarot Arcana of the Eastern faiths.

Numerology master numbers are believed the most influential of all the numbers. When these two digits show up an analysis, the numerologist esteems the influence behind the master number and won’t add up to a primary number like other two digit numbers.

Each individual number has its own vibration and a meaning. When the numerology master number appears in the numerological chart, the intensity of the primary number message isn’t repeatedly doubled. The master numbers are having their own vibrations and meanings. It is believed that the two digit numbers carry a high spiritual influence that will transfer to the individual.

These master numbers present bigger challenge to the individual. The troubles of such high challenge may come out to be more than the individual can bear, but the individual generally rises to handle these troubles and the difficulties. By accomplishing over the test a master number presents, the individual is capable to face the karma which comes with that number. This taking and handling over the troubles clear the soul karmic debt and create a new path.

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