Burp Cloths and Cotton Bibs for Baby: Why Its Important?

Now that you have your new born around you, you might be really stuck with attending to your daily chores of your baby. This also means you find seldom time for yourself.

There are various aspects in baby care that can be tough and challenging at the same. But keeping every other aspect aside, one of the most challenging aspects of baby care is cleaning.

Many parents find it difficult to perfectly clean both kids and adult wears. This is because there are lots of stains or other components that might be stuck to your dress while taking care of baby which makes it impossible to remove. One such stain is the food fed to babies.

Burp cloths and Cotton Bibs – Its importance

Babies make lot of messes while eating and by the time kid’s finish with their meal you are left with a stained dress. Now this stain could be on your dress and even on your baby dress. Cleaning them is a tedious task as most of these stains could be long lasting and spoils dress completely. To avoid such kind of mishaps every time, here is an innovative solution.

You can make use of burp cloths while you are feeding your kids. A quality burp cloth shall save you from wiping off stain and also provide an extra layer of protection for your wear while you are feeding your baby. This shall also relax you from the extra activity of removing cloth after every meal.

There are various kinds of burp cloths that are now available in market. Few are plain cloth in cotton material while there are other materials that come with attractive designs and embroidery works on it.

Benefits of Burp Cloths and Bibs for Babies

Burp cloths as the name suggests help you from covering your dress that could be hampered while baby burps. In most cases, babies are bound for wet burps which mean there are chances contents in stomach expel out while the baby is burping.

In this case, your dress is bound to accumulate the content spelled out. This situation could be avoided with the use of burp cloth. Also, burp cloths are important to protect your kids from infection and other germs that could be stuck on your dress.

While baby burp cloths save your dress primarily, baby bibs helps in ensuring your kids dress is not stained while they start eating on their own. Kids start eating on their own and it is evident that they spill more food than what they manage to consume.

In this case, the poor soul here is the dress that your kid is wearing as there are chances most food items spill on to your kids dress. Bibs can help you here. Wearing a bib on your kid ensure food item does not spill on to your baby dress and bibs are easily washable ensuring hassle free cleaning.

Tips to make Cotton Burps and bibs in your home

Buying brand new or a designer bibs and cotton burps from a store every time can be fun. But this also means investing a lot of money and also your valuable time.

The challenge here is to invest in a nice clothing material that can provide comfort and protection to your baby. This is best possible with cotton material.

In case you do not wish to buy burp clothing or bibs from a baby store, then you can think about making this in your home on your own. To make burp cloth on your own all you need is a cotton fabric prewashed and matching thread.

You can cut the material to your length you desire, have the split ends stitched inside out and then sewn together. That’s it your burp cloth is ready.

Cotton Bibs for Baby: Few Essential Tips for New Moms while Buying

When you wan to buy baby bibs, you should know that there are various models of bibs available in the market today. Few important or commonly used among them are the bandana bibs or novelty bibs. These bibs can be used to protect from basic drooling but not from food spill.

Also there are scarf or handkerchief bibs that have an additional cotton layer in them to protect baby from cold during winter season.

Sleeved bibs is another additional model that keeps baby dry and provide protection from food spilling at the same time.

With online available products, you can now quickly buy the exact bibs that your baby needs to have. It is best to shop for your baby’s accessories in bulk during the festive season sales like in Christmas. You can shop additional items at this time to gift others for the whole year, as shopping now can save you lots of bucks.

The off season sale can also give you enhanced amenities like free shipping, cash back offers and rebate checks that can be redeemed by you on your next purchasing. So why not start your shopping now for your baby to save huge this festive season.

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