Is Cabo a Good Place for a Destination Wedding?

cabo wedding

There are many amazing destination wedding venues. For instance, you can get married on the Grand Canyon during sunrise or in a forest in Costa Rica. However, if you prefer somewhere tropical with white sand beaches and a relaxing atmosphere, we urge you to consider Cabo for your destination wedding.

What makes Cabo a good place to tie the knot? Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to say “I do” in Cabo.

cabo wedding

Select Beach Ceremony Locations

Cabo is probably the best when it comes to beach front ceremonies. The weather is usually warm and balmy all year round in Mexico so it’s the perfect location to get married any time of the year. Beaches and resorts in Cabo all have something unique to offer: from white sand beaches to unique rock formations. The best part? Sunsets always look and feel more romantic in Cabo beaches.

Not all resorts offer seaside or beachside wedding venues though. If you prefer white sand to hotel ballrooms, you have to make sure that the resort can cater to your preference. Check the different Cabo San Lucas wedding venue to see if you are able to host a beachside venue for your upcoming wedding.

Worldclass Services & Amenities 

As an international destination and tourist spot, Cabo San Lucas resorts and hotels have some of the best services and amenities. Think luxury spas for relaxation, amazing restaurants for gastronomical feasts and being near amazing landmarks so you can explore and experience Mexican culture.

If you’re in Cabo for a destination wedding, you will need the services of a Cabo wedding planner. They will not only be able to tell you the best resorts and hotels for your wedding, they know which ones to suggest should you have certain requirements.

For example, if you prefer an intimate wedding with a small group of people they will be able to suggest certain locations. They are also the best contacts if you want a themed wedding. Best of all, they can get in touch with local vendors so that you can access not only the best deals but the most efficient services as well.

Most importantly, wedding planners can show you and your guests how to have fun. This is all because they know the best resorts and hotels that suits your lifestyle.

Award-Winning Culinary Choices

Cabo San Lucas is not just about Mexican food. Yes, it is one of the best places to experience authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurants and cantinas that litter the streets of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are brimming with goodies like enchiladas, tortas and sopa de lima.

However, Cabo is also a hotspot for tourists around the world. Many resorts and even local restaurants offer different kinds of fusion foods as well as intercontinental cuisine. You can even enjoy meals in a floating restaurant, an exclusive sunset dinner or gorge on fresh seafood from any of the restaurants near the marina.

Outdoor Activities 

Most destination weddings take place during the weekends. During this stay, guests will be looking for ways to entertain themselves before the ceremony. 

Since Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are seaside towns, there are many different ways you and your guests can amuse yourselves before and after the wedding. Water sports is not only a good distraction but also a fun one. However, the option of getting a sun tan is also a pleasurable way to relax especially after the festivities.

But these towns are also home to some of the most amazing golf courses in the world. Aside from golf, you can also go on an off-road adventure, sandboard and go on a Pacific sunset hike.

Luxury 5-Star Resorts 

If budget is not an issue, Cabo is also home to numerous luxury 5-star resorts where you can host your weddings. These luxurious venues can accommodate large guests and in some of them you can choose different settings for your wedding like a  ballroom venue, lawn venue or beachside venue.

Most of these 5-star luxury resorts in Cabo offer curated experiences so that guests can relax and be comfortable throughout their stay. Personal experiences like cooking classes and private excursions and luxury bedrooms are just some of the amenities 5-star resorts offer in Cabo.

Bottom Line 

Los Cabos is one of the best places for a destination wedding. You get a lot in one location: pristine white beaches, historical landmarks, Mexican charm and world class hotels and restaurants. 

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