Baby Proof Your House With Magnetic Baby Locks

magnetic baby locks for cabinets and drawers by Baby On-Off

Maybe you have never thought about how important your storage drawers and cabinets were until your precious tot has become fascinated with opening them and you realize you cannot necessarily get rid of them.

What then do you do? Since you can’t afford to get rid of them, you can secure them from your child. This begs the question; how can I do this? It is quite simple. You can easily secure your drawers and doors with magnetic baby locks.

magnetic baby locks for cabinets and drawers by Baby On-Off


Benefits Of Magnetic Baby Locks

Whether you think so or not, once your baby starts moving around they are at risk at being exposed to dangerous chemicals and items that can harm them.

Usually, you lock these chemicals and sharp objects away in drawers and cupboards, but by this time your child has now become overly curious about everything. With baby locks, parents can prevent access to these items that can cause mishaps such as choking, big messes, and so on.

Unlike many baby locks on the market, the recently popular magnetic baby locks prove to be premium baby-proofing accessories that really stand out.

The beauty about these locks that has made many parents fall in love is that they occupy little to no space in your drawers and cabinets and are practically hidden when installed.  This means, there is no protruding item on your drawers or cabinet doors that may attract your child’s attention.

The locks are installed on the inner part of the doors and drawers and you can only use the magnetic keys to pull open these drawers and doors. You will only need to hold the key directly in front of the lock while you pull open the drawer or door.

When locked, then, parents won’t have to worry as children cannot open doors or drawers with their bare strength. They can always pull at the handle, but without the magnetic keys, they will not open.

This does not mean you will always have to use a key. If you want, perhaps when your child is spending a day or two at their grandparents’, you can deactivate the locks so that you can use the cabinets and drawers without having to unlock them with a key. You just have to remember to re-activate them when your child returns.

Another benefit of this is that since your locks are hidden, your child is not able to pull off small pieces that can possibly become choking hazards.

Additionally, is highly unlikely that pieces will fall off once securely installed. Again, this is a great thing for parents as we know children love to put things in their mouths, which can choke them.

Why Trust These Baby Locks?

Magnetic baby locks tend to fit most drawers and doors and are easy to install. Installation does not require drilling or screwing, which means you don’t get holes into furniture or fixtures.

They usually come with strong adhesive and cradles that allow parents to find the perfect spot for the lock and setup with ease. Notably as well, the premium smart locks tend to come with several locks and keys in one set and can be disabled when needed.

So, these locks are sturdy and safe and highly unlikely to fall off and end up in a child’s mouth. This baby-proofing accessory could then be the solution to a world of worries that parents with toddlers tend to have. Would you agree?

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