Chocolate: A Word That Makes You Lip Smacking

Chocolate, the very word that tickles the salivary gland, is obtained from the seeds of cacao or cocoa plant, scientifically nomenclature as Theobroma cacao.

There is a misconception about the time period of the origin of chocolate ?


It actually dates back more than 2000 years to the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs and the Mayans.

Over centuries of evolution, chocolate has spread to the rest of the world.

Its taste and feel have undergone a sea ? change, but none the less, it remains as man’s most favorite snack.

With riboflavin (Vitamin B), calcium, potassium and iron, it is also a very healthy food.

You will hardly come across anybody who is not passionate about chocolate chip cookies. Connoisseurs world over agree that chocolate chip cookies tasted after being microwaved for a few minutes is the most sumptuous snack available.

The cookies baked with cream cheese and butter can be a gourmet’s delight. Crispy edged cookies with crunchy centers but soft in totality, is the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

1- Chocolate Chip Cookies

Its Magic Never Ends

The best chocolate chip cookies can be prepared by mixing brown sugar with granulated sugar. You are also advised to cool the dough to make it cohesive, before the actual baking is done.

Another secret lies in taking out the cookies from the baking oven at least 2 to 3 minutes before they are fully baked. The natural cooling effect will make them crispier and tastier.

2- Chocolate Mousse

The Best Ever Dessert for Everyone

Chocolate mousse finds its origin in France. You can enjoy both eggless mousses as well as those prepared with whipped cream or egg white.

If you are entertaining guests, chocolate mousse can be the best choice for dessert. It has to be prepared several hours ahead of the actual serving.

You can use dark chocolate for the best effect. The tricky part is to add the egg yolks at the perfect point of time.

3- Chocolate Frosting

Adding the Layer of Deliciousness to Your Cakes

Your cup cakes, cakes or desserts will achieve a new dimension if they are complemented with chocolate frosting. It is rather easy to prepare and extremely delicious.

The best way to get a tasty frosting is to make it fudgy. Topped with this, your chocolate cake will be far more delicious.

It is very easy to make, by making a mixture of cocoa powder and sugar. Then you should add vanilla, butter and milk, and then stir well to get a smooth batter.

4- Dark Chocolate

A healthy Food for Choco Lovers

Dark chocolate is obtained from adding sugar and fat to cocoa. Naturally it is devoid of milk solids, and so possesses a more chocolaty savor. Eating dark chocolate has been proved to be beneficial to your heart.

It helps to lower the blood pressure and induces blood flow into the brain.

It also contains serotonin which is a natural anti – depressant. If you are a regular on dark chocolate, you have an at least 10% reduced cholesterol level in your blood. Your blood vessels are also fit and healthy.

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