Dangers Faced By College and University Students

Students who attend colleges and universities are bound to face some dangers if not minor then major. These dangers are common to all students but some of them not finding themselves entangled in such dangers due to the influence of their friends.

The dangers can lead to the students not completing their graduate courses or they might even end up being expelled from the learning institution. There are many dangers that are faced in colleges and universities around the world, but the list has been narrowed down to the five most common dangers that are being faced by students in the mentioned learning institutions.


One of the main dangers that students face is linked to finance and money. Money is a necessity in the life of every human being including the students. Without the money the students find out that they are unable to perform certain things and buy stuff that they need.

Excessive expenditure on unwanted items may be the main cause why students face this danger. They soon become broke and therefore lose focus on their academics. The quality of the essays that they write may be poor because initially they may have been contacting paper experts but due to the current status of their accounts they can’t afford the editing services from the paper experts.

Wrong Company

The second danger that students in higher colleges and universities face is being involved in the wrong company. This is commonly referred to as a bad peer influence. Students who involve themselves with groups that are viewed as unethical in the society are likely to fail in their academic endeavors. Mainly because such groups always lead them into committing things that are not acceptable or illegal, for example the members of the group can engage in using drugs and also missing lectures.

This leads to deterioration in the students’ performance, the danger comes in when the possibility of a student retaking the course is increased. In order to avoid this, such students download essays or related documents from the paper experts to make their work easy.

Degree With Practical Knowledge

The third danger being faced by college and university students is graduating from school having not gained much. The student may come out of the colleges inexperienced and unable to cope up in their field of study. This may be as a result of lazy lecturers who do not attend classes.

The lazy teachers tend to put the entire burden on the shoulders of the students and still expect them to score highly. Students who experience such teachers will always look for underhand methods to score highly and this includes even contacting paper experts and paying them so that their paperwork can be done easily.

Drug Addiction

The fourth danger which is linked to drug addiction and the fifth danger which is contracting sexually transmitted diseases. These two dangers are somehow related. Drug addiction can involve sharing of needles; this is a common way in which students can contract the HIV virus. Drug addicts are usually lazy and will tend to ask for help from other students to complete their work, they may even use services from the paper experts.

The drug habit is really very injurious to health and that is why it is really very important that you get rid of this habit as soon as possible. But of course, getting rid of this habit is not really very easy. In fact, this is a very hard process for most of the addicts to follow.

While there are so many people who are not willing to get rid of their addiction there are also many who could not get rid of it due to lack of proper support and counselling. Drug rehab centers can benefit greatly to those who are willing to get rid of their addiction problem soon. With a proper family support and counseling provided by the rehab center an addict can sooner or later recover from all their addictions which may help them lead a better life.

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