Different Kinds Of Pet Fish To Rise

Do you want to have pet fish? Are you a beginner in this field? Then you might first go to a pet store and buy a fish and fish tank. Do you think this is enough? Absolutely not, instead you need to be informed about pet fish so that you can confidently start fish feeding at home. Get a clear knowledge about the fish that you can raise at home.

This is essential so that you don’t make your pet fish end up its life within a couple of weeks. Selecting the right pet fish is the first step and here we suggest some pet fishes that you can buy.

Pet FishZebra Danios: These pet fishes come with gold and blue stripes and remain fit in any water condition. Since they are very vibrant, they need spacious fish take to live in with enough plants as hiding places.

Siamese fighting fish: They have lengthy fins flowing beautifully with different colors such as blue, violet and red. Of course, they are easy to feed but the make fishes need to be kept apart as they battle each other. You can put them in a fish tank with a variety of fishes but not with the same male Siamese fighting fishes!

Guppies: They are like Siamese fighting fishes in terms of long fins. Male fishes are more colorful than females and use to living together even mixed with other fishes in same tank. This category quickly reproduces so you will have a lot of Guppies finally!

Goldfish: This is the most liked pet fish all over the world. Apart from gold, they can be found in many other colors. They are easy to take care of and even survive outside of water longer than other types of fish. They need to be thrived in a spacious aquarium with enough water as they make a lot of waste.

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