Easy Potty Training Tips for New Moms

Bringing up an infant is not a matter of joke at any cost. Home is the first school and a mother is said to be the first teacher for a child. This is because it is the mother who teaches a child to walk, crawl, eat, drink, speak and survive. A mother is the one who teaches the child the rights and the wrongs.

Potty training is something that seems to be very complicated to be taught to a toddler but then it is equally important as well as one cannot let the baby bowel here and there and cause nuisance.

potty training

Especially when a baby is taken to someone else’s home, improper potty training might become a reason of embarrassment for the parents.

Here are some potty training tips that can help the toddler learn the various dos and don’ts and help them in being smart with urine and bowels.

  • Purchase a potty chair and keep it in an easily accessible place. It is not a rule to keep it in the washroom. Let the child see and touch the chair for some days before one starts using it. Let the child play with the seat or chair so that the child can get familiar with the thing.
  • Make the child sit on the chair with the clothes on and wash their hands every time they do so.
  • Once the child learn to sit and gets the balance, teach them to open their clothes before sitting on the chair.
  • Monitor baby’s actions before it urinates or bowels. This would let the mother understand their urge to use the washroom and take actions accordingly.
  • When they shows sign of potty, make then sit on the chair.

This is how babies can gradually learn to use the potty chair and be a good and hygienic baby. Most parents wait till their children are getting into three to start potty-training.

During this age, kids are growing more independence and potty-training become a daunting power struggle. Start potty-training children at their 2nd old age. This way you can save around $10-$12 per week.

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