First Communion Dresses For Girls: Importance and Recycling Ideas

The first communion is one of the most important occasions for Filipino families. First Communion is an important occasion for Filipinos.

Whether these families are from the old Philippines or overseas they all provide their children the best they can. This is the most rejoicing moment for them and families look excited when they see their girls engaged in Communion.

As this is an important occasion for the girls, their dresses are also the most important part. Families invest more and more money according to their capability and budget on these girls’ communion dresses.

How To Know Your Daughter Is Ready For First Communion?

For any child, First Communion is a life-altering instant. The Catholic families believe this event is an auspicious one and it is celebrated in a grandeur way.

Of course, before you start making the arrangements for the day for your child you want to be sure that your kid is well-prepared to take this moral responsibility. This event in your daughter’s life is very exceptional therefore, it is significant to know whether she is ready for her First Communion or not.

How would you know that your daughter is ready for her First Communion?

Your church priest is the best person to let you know about this. You can also know this by recognizing some imperative signs of your daughter of whether she is ready for her First Communion or not. The signs like:

  • She perceives the growing oddity of the Trinity
  • She takes interest in reading the Bible stories
  • She loves to hear about God and shows interest every time these kinds of talks are on
  • She prays regularly and starts to show interest through prayers
  • She is aware of God’s presence in her life

The First Communion for the kids ranges from 7 to 8, however, in order to participate in the event, it is important that your daughter has arrived at the age of discretion and has met all the requirements of the church such as memorized prayers, attended catechism, and classes.

The age of discretion here means the child is capable of moral responsibility.

First Communion Dresses For Girls

Young girls need to wear white or ivory formal dresses. These are the dresses that are ideal for church services.

Many of the organizers of the event also need the uniform accessory, pins, sashes, etc. This keeps the girls look different than others. Plain white shoes, socks, etc. are other items that are used.

Tips for Recycling The First Communion Dress

For any girl her First Communion dress is special. It is the rich religious symbol that is steeped in the tradition of sacred events. It would be wrong to hang on this special dress in the wardrobe when the occasion is over.

Don’t you think that the First Communion dress of your girl should be utilized in an appropriate manner? The dress should continue to have a meaningful use hence why not recycle the First Communion dress. You can do this by:

Give It To Charity: Recycling can be of many forms and charity is one of them. You can drop your dress at your nearby charity center so that people who are unable to afford one can have it bought at a negligible price.

Use The Dress In Making Something Creative: Rather than hanging the dress in your wardrobe, why not use it to make something new and different out of it. You can make handkerchiefs, ribbons, and bows, dress up your dolls, flower girl baskets, and so on. The web will help you with great ideas.

Pass The Dress: You can have this dress pass on to your closest relative and friends. It is a special dress and sharing can be a good experience and continues to resume the traditions for years to come.

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