Fit Yummy Mummy Review: Its not aboout what you do but its about how you do

Rather than apple polishing the talk, I would like to come straight to the point with this Fit Yummy Mummy Review. It is an excellent weight loss program, and I will tell you why. Fit Yummy Mummy is a quite popular workout program amongst new moms. With this Fit Yummy Mummy review we will take a look at this weight loss program and see what it includes that makes it exclusive.

Mummy ReviewFit Yummy Mummy is written and designed by Holly Rigsby who is a nutritional and fitness expert. This is a four month weight loss program specifically designed for all the women who wants to get back into their previous pre-birth shape. In here, Holly Rigsby talks about the right ways to manage your workout timing and balance your diet during the entire program. It also shows how to keep track to get the best output.

Nutrition, Workout and Useful Tips

This section is all about intake of nutritious meals especially relevant to post pregnancy. Here, you can also create a menu planner that will save you from boring recipes and helps to cope up with your post pregnancy cravings and hunger.

This section focuses on what types of workout (and the duration) is required to be done. Also on which body part it concentrates. This is the core part of the program which makes it stand exclusive from other boring fitness regimes. Here, you will find lots of useful tips that will help you keep motivated with your weight loss plans. It also includes a fitness journal, goal setting sheet, menu planner, and ready-made grocery listings.

10 Things You Get with This Program

The Fit Yummy Mummy workout is a complete sixteen week nutrition busy mommies and weight loss program. The DVD is jammed packed with fabulous on how to effectively weight loss post pregnancy. Below mentioned are some of the tips from the program:

  1. It just requires 15 minutes of your time- It emphasizes on doing short burst workout that enhances the metabolism, also burning calories all day with these brilliant 15 minutes exercise.
  2. There is no boring cardio work- It shows long cardio workout wear and tears the body in the long run. Faster, short workout shows results and easily fits to busy mommy’s schedule.
  3. Workout at home- The mommies can lose their belly fat, tone body and arms within the comfort of the home.
  4. Intervals- The ways these workouts are to be done have proven to be medically effectual to that of regular cardio workouts.
  5. The truth about fad diets- Why it is important to avoid fad diets and the reasons they don’t work.
  6. The power of one owns body- How to use your own body weight to sculpt into fitter one, and that too without machines.
  7. Receiving lasting results- Top tips on how to maintain weight loss
  8. Creating a meal menu- This part of the program assists you in putting together a fat burning and satisfying meals.
  9. Additional 12 weeks of advance workouts- With this 16 weeks program there is bonus of furthermore 12 weeks that will make you stick to your workout regime.
  10. Lastly and more importantly is about her support program. I had few queries for her, and usually when we email to the owner or author, the query is either taking too long in answering or is ignored, but this is not the case with Holly. The replies are send in the very same or the next day and this answers the question “is fit yummy mummy scam or real”.

To sum it all, the Fit Yummy Mummy workout program comes with 8 weeks 100% money back guarantee, this all proves the potentials of the program.

The Pros of the Program

Simple To Follow

It is a user friendly program with simple step by step descriptions to follow. It also has images and every fine detailing with it so that you know that you are performing correctly.

Flexible Program

No tedious work out or diet regime programs are involved which gives complete flexibility to the user to follow in the busy schedule.

Money Back Guarantee

The big advantage of getting Fit Yummy Mummy is it offers 8 weeks 100 % money back guarantee.

The Cons

It Is Available Online Only

As of now, the program can be only bought online through various shopping web portals. The Genuine Fit Yummy Mummy download is not feasible as it is not available for free. So if you are looking to get a genuine copy you need to get it at their official site which will be the only best investment for you that you will make.

Overall Fit yummy mummy reviews for all women

Fit yummy mummy reviews are on top among the fitness reviews for moms. Fit yummy mummy reviews are very positive and this is solely meant for the new mothers who tend to lose their weight after delivering the baby. At the time of pregnancy, a woman gains some extra pounds along with the baby’s weight and after delivery the extra weight gained remains in the body.

Fit yummy mummy reviews says that with the help of fit yummy mummy, a new mom can lose the extra pounds in a very healthy and harmless way without compromising with the needs of the baby. The result of fit yummy mummy review is very positive and is recommended for the weight loss of new mothers.

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