Follow The Latest Trends To Make The Best Baby Shower Invitations

There is a huge makeover, and a thumping comeback of baby showers as women from all over the world are embracing the event in style to make it memorable. It is no longer considered to a kitsch opportunity in which you play some common and most embarrassing games.

On the contrary, people all over are making it a rite of passage and the best way to rally support from all corners ahead of birth along with the big changes around the corner. Everything has changed recently from the event planning to organizing, from the baby shower invitations to making the theme fun.

Change In The Idea

Baby showers now have become a must-attend event with lots of fun and gorgeous decorations. There has been a massive makeover in the guest list as well which has become broader than before, and some even include men in the guest list making it more of a whole family affair.

Therefore, with the change in the idea and concept of baby showers, you should also follow the latest trends in baby shower invitations to impress the guests irrespective of the event being casual and fun or serious and chic. There are lots of designs and styles which you can apply on your invitations which are attractive, cheap and also easy to make.

Inspired By Nature

A baby is the creation of nature, and it is a great way to welcome the new member with innovative ideas inspired by nature. What better way it can be to be thankful to nature for the most beautiful creation? This will evoke a sense of discovery along with learning all about nature and the world for the first time.

Therefore, nature is perhaps the best feeling to capture in the baby shower invitations. Nature as it is a broad area and you have a lot of options to choose from as a theme of the invites. Oceans, beaches, seasons, space, flora and fauna, weather, day or night time all can spoil you with the choice.

It Is For The Kid

It is up to you as to decide how big an illustration you want on the invites to make it more impressive. You may want the illustrations to take center stage or keep it simple with a carefully selected theme on the invitations. This way you can go big on the actual event. Whatever you do you win it both ways.

Since the event is all about the kid, it is better to use things that are loved and needed by kids. Illustrations of prams, bottles, stuffed toys and nappies, baby clothes and alphabet blocks or children characters along with the photo of babies can even make the inexpensive baby shower invitations look gorgeous. Just make sure that you keep it cute and classy not overdoing it with lots of illustrations.

Go For Patterned Designs

Lately, patterned designs are also finding a place in designing for the simple reason that they are so versatile, subtle, and eye-catching and are sure to set the scene. Patterned designs are also gaining popularity as you can stick to your theme with subtly and playfully incorporated elements and illustrations without looking too juvenile or kiddy.

Just insert the baby image into a floral or an illustrated pattern and see the difference. With careful attention to the color scheme and selecting soft pastels to keep up with the tradition, you can create the best invitations in baby pink and blue, lavender, peach or mint green.

Say It In Style   

The best way to say whatever you want to say in style is to keep it simple, typographic invitation. You cannot go wrong even for the baby shower invitations for twins if you choose careful words and phrases, rhymes and poems as the primary feature of the invitation.

Apart from the perfect choice of color in such designing, you will also have to look at the size and color of the typeface so that everything looks balanced as well as visually interesting. You can be as creative as you want with the words as well to incorporate your idea and feelings.

Include All Important Bits

You should not forget to include all the important bits and pieces like the name of the guest of honor along with the surname, time and date of the event, location and venue with adequate driving instructions, contact details, RSVP and also a registry list if you have specific gift requests in mind.

Also, Think Beyond

Apart from the invitation design you should also thin about the presentation which should perfectly complement with the entire baby shower and not look like a last minute unplanned incorporation of thought. Always stick to the basics in choosing the pink color for girls, blue for boys and green if you do not know it yet.

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