Gemini Personality Traits

The Gemini Personality traits, ever since the time of creation have been ruled and will always be dominated by Mercury and have been a symbol for the twins. They were born 21st may and 20th June. These traits are known for their 2 sided behaviors.

Gemini Personality Traits

The Gemini Personality traits look at both sides of the coin and pick a side that creates turmoil. They have been given opinions about various topics and empathize with people on the other side of the coin. The interesting verities about Gemini’s are that they often have 2 opinions about what has caused a sudden change in their behavior and mind. This makes them impatient and impetuous.

The ability to look at both sides if the same coin has help the Gemini Personality traits adapt to a new kind of atmosphere like a job or new relationships. They attract everyone to their fun and energetic personality trait. They live the life of the party carrying out conversation where people are listening.

They have excellent communicative skills and are best at giving advice. People like having a healthy conversation with them. The Gemini Personality Traits are inquisitive about the latest trends and love sharing what makes you thinks a couple of times before saying something to a person’s face. A friend has to think twice before sharing things with them personally.

Their intelligence and absurdity draws attention and have often found themselves with close friends throughout their lives. Intelligence makes a Gemini mind know that is working in the right direction and have a thirst for knowledge. They insist and favor to know a little about their surroundings and do not concentrate on one particular field. They have an interest in their field of work and can accomplish a lot in a life time.

It found bored, the Gemini Personality traits are known to adjourn. They are often restless and find themselves in need for a change of environment or job. Their constant need for a stimulus can change their work due to boredom and agitation. They are sharp and intelligent people.

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