Got My 1st Payment Online with MommyTipz: Woohhooo!

You already know that there are numerous ways by which you can earn money, but it is very important to learn that one can be the most appropriate way for your own self.

I have just figured out that I am capable of writing and sharing good content online and that’s why I just started with it and trying hard my luck to earn money online.

money makingToday it’s time to share my first smile here on MommyTipz J . The team here is just awesome and I was just paid for my efforts over here.

YES it’s true! I am paid for my first four articles ($12) that I have written and shared here on

Yes I know that the pay is bit low here but as a newbie in this article writing world I feel as a proud mom who have just got this earning. I never expected that I will get this so soon.

It’s Hard To Believe: How fast I was paid!

Yes it’s actually hard for me to believe that how fast I was paid by them. But yes I was paid in just 1 week.

I started a week before on this site and started writing the content for them. And as completed my 4th content on last Saturday I sent them a mail for my payout.

I was replied by the team that I will be paid within 2-3 days or maximum in a week time.

But you would not believe that I was paid in just 2 days. I got the payment in my PayPal account in just 2 days. And I am highly pleased as well as feeling motivated by getting this first earning on

Why you should join and write for

With the possibility of online learning opportunities, more and more people are seen to get indulged into the ways to earn online. However, very few of them get the success they dream about. There are very few of them that can actually experience the actual earning power of money online at home.

But you may not know that the success they get is a result of their hard work, dedication and will power. The time they spent into it is much more than the results they get.

And as you know article writing is something which can help you get success with, you should join the team here which I feel is genuine, scam-free, reliable, trustworthy and above all awesome for women and mommies.

You know that getting a right partner and a client is hard online. There are chances that you could get scammed and you never get your hard earned money from the client you worked for the whole month.

You never know that whether your new client will pay you or not or if he pays whether he will pay it on time or not.

So to avoid all these situations and more, it’s better to start with a site like this one. You may be earning small in start but as you grow as a good writer you will be paid better by the team and you earn decent money here.

It’s time to say bye now! I will be definitely sharing my next payout soon as I am preparing some more great content for MommyTipz which I believe my visitors will love to read.

About the Author

Hello I am Ammy. I am basically from Edinburgh, UK and spend great time with my hubby and son. I am really new to this writing world. I want to thank MommyTipz for giving me an opportunity for being the part of their team. I am really excited to share my ideas and content here.

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  1. Aaliyah Gibson | August 6, 2014 at 4:43 am |

    How exciting for you! Congratulations on getting your first payment! Is it worth the amount that you are spending writing these articles may I ask? Also, do all articles that you submit get accepted?

  2. Thanks Aaliyah. Of course its great for me as i am just starting with my article writing and its a passion for me. I don’t write articles just for the sake of earning money but its a good way of utilizing my free time. Regarding the approval of articles, i got all my article approved fast because i have written these articles based on their terms and condition. I have also pre-confirmed about the topics i am writing about with the admin of the blog. Anyways thanks for stopping by and appreciating my work.

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