7 Essential Grooming and Cleaning Tips for Your Newborn

You are a ‘Mom to be’ and worried about daily chores on baby care. Does it bother you to think about how you shall continue with taking care of your baby after you are back home from hospital?

Giving a safe shower, combing your baby’s little hair and cutting nails of your new born could be a night mare. This is because you need to do it without hurting your baby. You also need to be sure that your baby is comfortable with such grooming.

Mentioned below are 7 essentials that you need to keep in mind while grooming and cleaning your baby:

1- Hair Brushing: Scalp health is completely dependent on the amount of hair brushing. If you do not brush enough then it can result in build up cradle cap. While the challenge of cradle cap remains, combing or brushing your baby’s hair helps in boosting hair growth.

2- Nose Cleaning: Before proceeding further, let it be made clear that cleaning your baby’s nose is a tough task. It will not be possible for you to get your baby sitting in a comfortable position while you finish with cleaning nose. But then, cleaning nose of your new born is required as it helps with breathing process. One simple tip for new moms is to make use of warm water while trying to clean crust off your baby’s nose.

3- Nail care: This is important for you to understand that nails and hair grows pretty fast in new born. As a mother, you need to ensure that you check nail growth once in a while so that your kid does not hurt self. To trim your baby’s nail make sure to use appropriate baby nail scissors or clips. It is advised that nails be cut while your kid is asleep; so you could complete this peacefully.

4- Tooth and gum care: Hygiene of baby teeth is important, but this could be critical as use of tooth brush can end in hurting gums. Also, oral care can start even before tooth starts propping and make use of brush with soft bristles that are gum friendly.

5- Ear Cleaning: Warding off infection and removing wax from baby ear mandatory after every bath. Yes, it is possible that your kid might cry during this whole activity, but make sure you complete cleaning of ear on a daily basis. You could make use of wash clothes or ear drop to remove wax.

6- Skin Care: Understand your baby’s skin tone beforehand. Retaining smoothness of your new born, while skin care is important so as to ensure your baby is not prone to skin care infections.

7- Diapers and bottom cleaning: You should change at least 10 diapers a day so that your kid is not irritated and does not infect self with skin rashes. Keep wash clothes and wet wipes handy for cleaning your baby and while bathing you need to take that extra effort to clean and dry wipe.

All of the above mentioned tips shall come handy and help you with cleaning and grooming your baby effectively. Make sure to choose from best products and do not compromise on quality of a product.

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