How To Install Half Steps For Disabled And Elderly At Home Affordably?

For people with limited mobility as well as for the elderly, climbing up the patio doors or high step doors can really be a challenge.

However, the installation of half steps can offer a practical solution while coping with this problem.

If you are an individual with special needs or if you have someone in your family who needs extra help to navigate around the home, then you might want to construct half steps permanently.

However, the construction of such structures can be pretty expensive. So people with lower income groups might not afford them.

However, you might get some financial support from the local authorities for making the adaptations in your home.

Generally, people requiring minor adaptations (which means, undergoing a project that costs less than £1000) are provided without any charge.

However, to avail of the help, the nearby social services might assess your needs and testify your eligibility for a grant.

You can avail the financial aid while installing disability equipment such as half steps as well as kettle tippers, ramps, grab rails and the like.

Assessing Your Eligibility for Disabled Facilities

To see if you are qualified enough to get a disabled facilities grant, your local authority might employ an OT (Occupational Therapist) to do the necessary assessment.

The grants are, by and largely means-tested (unless you are applying for someone under the age of seventeen). Hence, the local authority might consider the income as well as savings that you and your spouse/ partner possess.

Also, the maximum amount of money that you are likely to get depends a lot on your location.

Moreover, you should also be mentally prepared to face rejection initially. According to statistics, almost 3/4th of the initial petitions are denied benefits. You might need to appeal repeated for having your petition considered.

What Can Be Your “Plan B”?

In case you don’t manage to get any financial help, you might want to consider getting ready made half steps which can be found in plenty these days.

However, instead of zeroing in on to any product that catches your fancy, you should judge a product on the basis of particular parameters. For example, look for something which is sturdy, yet lightweight and portable.

The half steps you buy should be versatile in its applications. Make sure that you can use them almost anywhere, including the back door, front doors, conservatory door or patio.

It is a good idea to look for half steps which are made from quality weather-resistant materials so that they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

You can also see products that have small holes above the step. Such structures help rainwater to flow through easily, thus avoiding accidental slips and falls.

Apart from offering a slip-resistant platform, the product should also support users of all statures.

Optimally, look for a product that supports at least 31 stones or 200 pounds of weight.

Apart from installing half steps, you should also consider installing stair lifts, outdoor handrails, stair rails, over-bath showers, wet rooms, lever handled taps, wheel chair lamps, solid fuel heating to gas and the like to make living more comfortable to your near and dear ones.

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