The Perfect Guide To Hosting For The Holidays In Small Spaces!

It’s that time of year again! Bright coloured lights, candy canes with egg nog, and of course – fabulous holiday gatherings and parties with your children and loved ones!

For those of us lucky enough to live in a 12-bedroom home sprawled across 3 acres, holiday hosting is a breeze! But in reality, the majority of us are living in less than 1,000 square feet and those are just the facts.

Most major metropolitan cities are covered in condos and apartment buildings. This is in large part in an effort to meet the demand of people needing housing which is great, but it still begs the question… How do you host for the holidays in a smaller space?

It’s not uncommon to feel nervous about having family over during the holidays. But it’s even worse when you know your home doesn’t have all of the size and space some other folks houses do. What if it’s too small for everyone to be comfortable? What if there’s not enough counter space to cook? These are all common questions that flow through your mind.

What I’ve realized altering hearing from other condo owners is that hosting in a smaller space is actually BETTER than doing it somewhere traditionally large. After all, the holidays are about togetherness right? It makes for a much more intimate setting and experience when everyone is in one area sharing stories, breaking bread, and not separated by multiple rooms. So think positive!

One of the most key features needed to successfully host for the holidays somewhere small is furniture! Imagine having a coffee table that you could slide into the dining room and expand into an additional dining table? Talk about extra counter top space!

There is a neat website that specializes in exactly that! They are called Small Space Plus. The amazing thing is there current promotion, Guide to hosting for the Holidays! It’s from December 2nd to the 31st 2019 (so it’s already on now) and the sale options are amazing.

A lot of the most key furniture items one would need to maximize their space in a smaller unit while doing a holiday party are discounted. On top of that they are also doing bundling where you buy the first product at the sale price, can get the 2nd item at 15% off, the 3rd at 20%, and the 4th and all subsequent items at 25% off.  It’s pretty much a “Pre-Boxing Day” sale. Trust me, it doesn’t get any better than that!

You guys can check out their website here:

So with that information consider yourself equipped to successfully tackle hosting for the holidays! Whether it be in your apartment, your condo, your bachelor unit, or any other less traditional smaller space to do a holiday party!

Enjoy your children, your family, and your friends. Just remember, the holidays are for enjoying one another!

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