How Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Treatment Helps Women

Ayurveda, the Science of Life finds uniqueness with women at early periods and began to unfold the various conditions with females. When compared with men, women are having most complex body system of biological processes and hormones. As women are with unique biological procedures, their doshas should also act a little bit uniquely.

ayurvedic treatmentThus, women, need to take more care of various conditions with a good awareness. In this world, everything is made of two traits – warm and cold. These traits can be identified easily in human bodies or in the entire universe. Kapha is cold, Pita is hot, and Vata is of a twofold nature. Therefore, we cannot position it in a diverse place. Of Panchmahabhootas, Vayu and Akash are twofold nature and Water and Prithvi are cold and fire is completely warm in nature. Females are always considered as the representatives of ‘Hotness’ and it is true in medical terms according to Ayurveda.

Since women symbolize the hot, they have more fiery aspects inside the body. Blood is an interpreter of hot components inside the body as it bears, Pitta always with it and it is warm in nature. This is why women face most problems related to the blood.

These are the menstrual issues, as blood is contained directly in it or it may be skin illnesses, Ayurveda assumes that all skin illnesses are due to issues within the blood. In many ways, women are unique while comparing men. She has a singular body arrangement and Ayurveda note it in a finest manner. Women’s health in any society is an essential significance as though sound women only can make healthy offspring and future as well.

Apart from this, women are the most mysterious and beautiful creation of The Almighty. At Ayurveda, there is a unique combination for women to help them to remain in the harmony as society has a target of ‘health for all’ and unless women are not healthy, we cannot even think about healthy generations.

Therefore, Ayurvedic treatment offers common health tonics for women, herbal combinations to help the body, specific pregnancy care packages, hair care and skin care products, etc.

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