How Hair Regrowth Helps to Beat Hair fall Problems

Hair fall has become a growing problem which both men and women experience nowadays. It is more common as people grow older, but nowadays it affects younger people as well.

People wonder whether scalp hair regrowth is possible. In many cases, it is possible. Growth of healthy hair largely depends on its normal healthy functioning and structure.

Hair Regrowth

There are many necessary minerals and vitamins for hair growth, and proper nutrition or nutritional supplements can go a long way toward restoring natural hair growth.

Nowadays there are also many hair regrowth products like minoxidil with azelaic acid available in the market for hair growth.However  before relying on these products, the first main thing which is needed is to find the cause of hair fall.

For this you can meet any trichologists to find out the exact cause of hair fall and then take the optimal selection for hair regrowth.

One of the important things to know here is our hair is made up of dead cells. The living cells at the base of hair follicle reproduce to add hair cells to our hair shaft which makes it grow longer.

The part of the hair shaft we see is made up of cells which are no longer living. I mention about this here because since it is a dead tissue it cannot be repaired or healed.

So don’t go for products which assure you to cure your split ends etc. But hair regrowth is possible definitely.

Many options are available for hair regrowth for men and women, starting from a simple massage to even costly laser therapies.

These mproves the blood circulation to the scalp and stimulates the follicles to grow. In present climatic condition it is difficult to apply oil to hair and carry out our regular activities.

So every alternate day try to apply vitamin e oil onto the scalp and give a gentle massage and brushing and go to sleep. Take mild shampoo bath the next day morning.

Then wrap your head with a towel dipped and squeezed in hot water and leave it for 15 minutes. This is very good and simple procedure which gives a good result.

Generally hair regrowth products that contain zinc, vitamin E, Protein, Biotin are very good for the hair regrowth. We also get some laser combs in the market that promote hair growth.

Try to take doctors advice before you go for any artificial products for hair.

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