How Online Ruler Helps?

Online ruler sets to rest all your online measurement related anxieties by providing a great interface to accurately and reliably measure any dimension on the viewable region of the computer screen. The ruler dynamically adjusts itself to the user’s display. It further comes equipped with an adjustable bar that allows one to tweak the ruler size as per a desired online space.

Online RulerOnline ruler will transform the computer screen into a measurable space whose every inch can be carefully measured with a variety of units ranging from centimeter to meter.

One only needs to select a ruler of his choice and hold the object up against it whose measurement is desired. The extent of the browser window limits the size of the ruler. The intelligent ruler application takes cognizance of the screen resolution in vogue and dynamically sets out the ruler on the screen in the correct scale. One can take advantage of the maximum ruler size by maximizing the browser window.

The ruler is highly flexible to use. The ease of use can be demonstrated by the fact that one only needs to bring the object in close proximity to it whose dimensions are to be measured. One should exercise caution not to get the screen scratched while taking the measurement of the object. The object should be held at a safe distance for optimum screen safety. Online ruler is perfect for measuring smaller objects which weighs less.

The ruler is easy to set up and satiate the user’s need to measure in any scale. Some rulers have horizontal and vertical aspects to them with sizes and units that can be customized. The ruler is very handy at times when measuring objects become a necessity and the physical ruler cannot be located nearby. The rulers make no compromises on the scale front.

The rulers are resistant to distortion in measurement which may set in physical rulers due to wear and tear resulting from rough or regular use. The rulers also give an accurate reading of the objects floating online and can also be integrated with custom software to facilitate measurement for tailored programs.

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