How to Do a Hump on Your Hair?

Hump on your head looks brilliant and add the height to your hair giving them a new look. This to some extent also adds up your overall height and you feel more confident by adding height to your personality. A hump is a section of hair that is just made and pushed up to add height to your hairs.

hump on hairThis is brilliantly used to make an effective change in your hair style when you really want some new looks. Advantage of making hump is that it can be made by using a smaller section of hair just as a ponytail or as a loose hairstyle. Best part of it is that it can end up in a stylish and fantastic looks in just about 10 minutes.

Whether you are a teenage girl or a woman, hump is for all and enhances your personality by giving you fantastic looks. It enhances the beauty as well of the short ladies by adding some extra height to their hairs. Here are some of the tips that tell you how to do a hump on your hair fast and easy.

1-      Select the section of the hair from above the middle of your forehead you want to make a hump.

2-      Pull this section of the hair straight upwards and take it away from your head.

3-      Then tease the back section of your hair by using straight long comb with tiny teeth.

4-      Push down the back section towards your scalp and tangle the section slightly.

5-       Use the best hairspray and spray it on the back section. Then pull this section of the hair backwards and smooth up the front with the help of a clean brush.

6-      Then grab your bunch of hair from the middle and twist it half a turn. Push this forward to make a nice hump and pin it down.

7-      The size of the hump basically depends on you and you can create it differently by choosing the section of hair differently.

8-      At last secure the hump you created with bobby pins. Make a cross like “X” and use at least 2 pins to secure it safely.

9-      Test the bobby pins and hump by shaking your head gently and ensure that it is properly created. The hump should not move by gentle shaking.

10-  At last make that super smooth and lustrous hair hump using a perfect quality hairspray. Enhance the beauty by smoothing up by your hands.

You may sometimes have to use lots of backcombing (teasing) of the hair and should also use lots of hairspray to remove tangles. This will add brilliant style and end up in making a hump with no tangles at all which may be bit difficult for you to manage if you leave it as such.

The hump created simply looks fabulous when you want some innovative looks that adds style and fashion to your personality. You can also use some best products like hair gels, sprays, texture gel, etc. to add beauty to your new hair style.

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