How to Do Updos for Medium Hair?

Updos for your hairs adds extra style to your hairs when you are bored with that little ponytail or just slicking your hairs back, straight forward.

If you have medium hairs and want some innovative, cool and stylish hair style, updos are the best option for you. Updos are chic and one of the cutest hair style options that you can choose whether for formal or informal special events and occasions.

Updos for Medium HairThis is the style that also works best for dressy casual occasions when you want some new looks. This is also perfect for you when your hairs are just passing out those bad hair days.

Here you can find some of the expert’s beauty tactics and strategies that can help style your hair at home.

1- First of all you should decide that whether the updo style you are trying is appropriate for you for the place you are going or not. You should decide it well that the occasion may need some more formal looks rather than trying a casual look.

2- Secondly after confirming an updo you should wash your hair thoroughly by proper shampoo and condition. You should focus on using the products that are specifically designed for your hair type to get best results and shiner looks.

3- Keep out various hair styling tools such as straightening iron, curling iron, comb, brush, pins and hair combs ready for you so that you may not waste your precious time in finding these necessary things when you are just seated for styling.

4- Start with brushing your hairs to remove all the tangles. You may use some smoother or light hair oil to keep going that shiny and lustrous looks. Apply it by starting with the roots and ending at the tips of your strands.

5- You should dry out your hairs by using a proper hair dryer that is not too harsh on your hairs. Set it on medium heat and dry your hair in a while. Use the barreled brush for drying your hair.

6- Then separate your hairs into four sections and use clips to secure each of them. Dry each section of the hairs separately and blow the heat downwards.

7- Use curling iron and start with forehead. Create some loose spirals and finger comb your hair to prevent formation of tight waves and spirals that does not look nice.

8- Just collect your hair strands at your neck nape and create a full knot. Secure this knot with bobby pins and hair pins.

9- Lastly frame the face with tendrils. Use curling iron whenever required in the process and end up with using good hair spray to complete the undo.

10- You can create more modern looks of your updo by consulting a stylist if required. Ask them to teach the perfect ways of modern and stylish updo that will make you perfect styled.

More important for you when you try an updo for medium hair is your creativity. Be creative and try out various styles of updos.

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