How to preserve and display your favorite family memories?

Family memories are much important in your life. Many of them are so dear to you that you want to preserve them and also wish to proudly display them to your near & dear ones. There are many ways in which you can preserve and display the family memories.

The 3 important steps to be taken for ensuring the preservation and for getting the right display of your family memories are:

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Store memories properly in one particular place: The first step is to store the family photos in one particular place so that you do not miss any of them. Store them perfectly and categorize them flawlessly. This helps in accessing them quickly when the right time comes to use them.

Back up memories: Chances are there that you loss the photos you have stored only in one particular place. It is very difficult to gather the lost memories and at times it becomes impossible to re-gather the photos. Hence make sure to have a back up. Back up the memories using hard drive or some other device after categorizing & arranging them properly.

Print and use: You can print the photos and can use them or display them. Different methods can be adapted for the same.

Yearly photo albums – Create yearly photo albums – each album containing memories of each year.

Photo book – You can write down some description of the memory you are sharing through one particular photo in a book like Mixbook (check Mixbook photo book review here). This helps the reader to get an idea about how you felt once while living the memory.

Maintain separate memory containers – Create different memory containers for each member of your family. This helps in understanding each member’s perception about a particular event in the memory container.

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