How To Prevent Acne in Kids?

Acne is one of the major health problems which normally occur in the teenage or young adult age group. But nowadays the kids are also getting acne at the earliest and this gave a great shock to the present physicians, dermatologists and the parents.

Nowadays the kids are getting affected by acne at their early age. Many researchers describe the possible cause for getting acne in kids is due to the early onset of puberty. They are saying that the early onset of puberty causes hormonal imbalance in the body which increases the metabolic rate heavily and which in turn increases the body heat resulting with boils and acne in the face and back regions mainly.

Few other researchers and dermatologists explain that a lot of environmental causes can also lead to the early occurrence of acne. They are saying that the polluted atmosphere causes skin irritation with clogging of the skin pores and thus causes acne in the very early age. Certain psychologists say that due to the uncontrollable stress also there are chances for the occurrence of acne with the kids.

Acne generally occurs due to various reasons. The major causative factor for the occurrence of acne is hormonal imbalance. The other minor causes are lack of water intake, lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, poor hygiene, improper lifestyle, unhealthy dietary habits, lack of physical activity, etc.

Acne in Kids

Some prominent causes of pimples are:

  1. Intake of oily food.
  2. Drinking less amount of water.
  3. Not having a regular sleep.
  4. Exposure to dust and sun rays.
  5. Unclear skin pores.

Whatever the cause it may be to the early onset of acne among kids, the parents should be conscious on their kids for the prevention and elimination of such issues. The parents should guide their kids what to do and what not to do for preventing the acne problem. Thus the kid’s health is mainly and solely dependent on the parent’s hands only. If they directed them properly then there are more chances to get their kid’s health under their control.

Natural Medication to get rid of Acne

Strawberries are not simply delicious food item which can be consumed for taste. It is a very important and effective natural remedy for treating acne. A mixture of fresh strawberries and egg white does wonders to your acne problem. Just leave them for some time on your kid’s skin and wash it. Strawberries contain alkaline which help in decreasing the volume of the cyst.

Apart from strawberries, apricots too have anti compressing capabilities which presents it as an efficient remedy to treat acne. All you need to do is rub the acne infected areas which a cotton ball soaked in fresh apricot juice. Leave it for a few hours and rinse off gently. The cold nature of apricot reduces the inflammation if the acne. You can also apply apple cider vinegar on the acne infected areas using a cotton ball to get rid of acne. Leave it for a few minutes, and then gently wash it off.

Getting rid of acne is not impossible at all. All you need to do is be patient. Though, going to a dermatologist sound a bit troublesome, yet the treatment is very efficient and fully satisfying.

Living life with acne is simply not great. The best treatment for this disease is to keep your skin clean and free from oil and dirt. There are effective home remedies as well as medical treatments like hiruscar which provide you 100% effective results.

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