How to Recover from a Depressed and Broken Heart

A depressed broken heart is one of the hardest things you can go through, with feelings of sorrow and grief coming in endless waves. Even though it feels as if life has lost its meaning, you can go through it. Here are some suggestions on how to survive a breakup.

broken heart

Share Your Feelings with Someone

This someone could be a friend or relative. You can also go online and express your feelings with others anonymously. Choose the method you are most comfortable with.

You may have heard people say that just sharing the experience with someone can make you feel better. It is true. It helps because you now realize there are people who are sympathetic and ready to listen. Rather than drinking your sorrows away, just express your emotions verbally.

Distract Yourself

Watch a movie. If you do not feel like going to a theater, just rent your favorite. You can read a novel, or just listen to your favorite songs. At this point you should steer clear of mushy stuff. They will just make things worse.

Keep yourself busy throughout the day. After you get off from work, read or play video games. Eating your favorite comfort food while watching TV may help too.

Get a Pet or Raise Plants

If you are feeling lonely, why not get a pet? Not only do they make good companions, but they can also be a healthy distraction. You can spend your time thinking of what food and toys to buy.

Alternatively, you can raise plants or just buy some at the local nursery. By showering your pet or plants with love and affection, you are giving your depressed broken heart a chance to heal and forget the past.

Get Out of Your House

Sometimes just taking a walk in the park will do you a lot of good. Watch the birds, inhale the air and savor the beauty of nature. The next time you are at the park, take a notebook and draw. Or just write down your thoughts. Always note down how the surroundings is improving your emotional status.

Is your favorite band in town? Why not watch the show with your friends? If you are a loner, you can go by yourself. Allow yourself to get lost in the frenzy of people around you. Other things you can do: go hiking, fishing or just go on vacation.

Try Something New

Buy a camera and learn photography; it will help you see things in a different way. You may try your hand at sewing. Get a tool kit and try your hand at building chairs, desks or maybe even a house for your pet.

You can try baking or cooking. In fact, it is a good idea to just list down all the things you can do. It will show just how much more you can accomplish with your life and time.

All of these suggestions on how to mend a depressed broken heart will seem hard to do, and they will be at first. But you just have to try. By taking that first step, you will be on your way to recovering from the heartache.

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