Innovative Seating Options for Schools

Seating plays an essential part in schools and can make all the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary ambience. Gone are the days of plain old chairs and dull grey tables. Not only will stylish seating add colour and class to rooms but through supplying top-quality comfort, it will also enable children to work to the very best of their abilities.

Here are just a few of the incredible and innovative designs on offer for schools to buy.

Seating Options

Casual Cubes

Available in an array of vibrant shades, fabric cubes are ideal for creating a bright, bubbly and fun-filled atmosphere. Setting a cool and casual tone, this informal seating solution is perfect for relaxation and resting areas such as student, common rooms or break-time corridors. Whether grouped together or used singularly, cubes will bring colour and life to the school, inspiring children’s imaginations and radiating a creative and original ambience.

With branded cubes also available, schools can add their own personal touch to seating. From placing the institution’s logo and motto on these fun, fabric cubes to decorating with inspirational quotes, seating can play a major part in motivating children and displaying the school’s ethos. Thanks to both the innovative and practical design of storage cubes, teachers will also find seating can serve a multifunctional purpose. With plenty of space to hide away text books, gadgets and stationary, schools will undoubtedly appear more spacious and stylish.

Funky Drums

Similar to cubes, drums will create a fun and informal atmosphere. These colourful, simple cylinders will brighten up any room, and are bound to be adored by students. Especially suited to primary schools, drums are ideal for art-rooms as their fanciful, fun appeal will encourage and inspire children. Funky and unique, it is no surprise this fabulous seating solution has gained huge popularity across the globe and continues to be used by hundreds of institutions. Checkout this range of school furniture online, there are a number of suppliers to choose from

Stylish Fixed Seating

Immovable, secure and stylish, fixed seating is perfect for places such as canteens and class-rooms. From using retro, circular booths in the canteen to standard seating in the classroom, there are a range of superb solutions available. Hard-wearing and durable, fixed seating will look just like new for years on end, meaning institutions can relax in the knowledge that constant replacements will not have to be made. Available in dozens of shades and styles, fixed seating can be matched to any room colour and theme, adding to the overall ambience and creating a magnificent mood.

Stunning Modular Seating

Boasting innovative designs and shapes, modular seating is great for areas where seating is essential to the room. For instance receptions and waiting rooms need to impress visitors by offering unique as well comfortable seating. From centre benches to curved or circular seating, modular designs will make for an unusual and striking ambience. A great way to make schools stand out, this spectacular seating solution will make for an enchanting and eye-catching layout.


These brilliant seating solutions combine comfort with creativity to offer a complete new look. From using stable and secure fixed designs in canteens and classrooms to using casual cubes in common areas, there is an array of stunning seating available. Institutions looking for an imaginative way to add style to schools should look no further than innovative seating.

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