Kawasaki Disease And How It Affects Kids Health

Kawasaki disease is a disease in small children that upset kid’s health with affecting organs such as the mouth, skin and lymph nodes. The cause of this disease is not known, but the symptoms can be identified. If the symptoms are identified at an early stage, it can be treated and cured within a few days, as well. If it is left untreated, it can lead to serious complications, which can cause damage to the heart. Stats say that the disease occurs with 19 out of 100,000 kids. It more common with Korean and Japanese kids but can affect any ethnic groups.

Kawasaki Disease

Signs and symptoms of the disease to notice

Kawasaki disease can be prevented in early stages with some telltale signs. The primary phase involves a high fever of more than 104 degree F, which can last to up to two weeks. Other symptoms that typically appear, are like severe redness of the eyes, rashes on the chest, stomach or genitals, dry-red, cracked up lips, swollen tongue with a white coat along with red bumps, a sore throat, swollen soles and palms with a purplish color and swollen lymph nodes. After the second phase, the skin of hand and feet may begin to peel at certain places. The disease can affect kid’s health through joint pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

Treatment of the disease

Treatment for the Kawasaki disease should begin as early as possible, most ideally inside 10 days of the fever appearing. The usual treatment is the child being treated with arterial doses of the medication, gamma globulin or purified antibodies. It is an ingredient of the blood, which helps the body to fight infections. A high dosage of Aspirin can also be given to reduce the risk of the problem with the heart, affecting kids health. If left untreated it leads to more serious ailments, so it’s suggested going to the doctor as soon as the mentioned signs appear.





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