Knowing Aries Traits

Like we all know that, the Zodiac Sun sign calendar begins with Aries sign. The people born in between 21st March and 20th April falls under Aries sun-sign, which are known to be headstrong and are trend setters. The Aries crowd are born with leadership qualities and are noted for their courage. Aries people fight for what they believe is important to them. These people enjoy exploring challenging things, and are not seen easily tied up at one place. These individuals are frank and candid and are highly ambitious, pushy in matter when it comes to do or die cases.

Aries TraitsAries people are great for filling positions as military or politicians due to their Aries traits that they have a vibrant dynamism and charisma that is alluring to the people. People from this sun-sign are direct in their talking so, a spade will always be spade for them. From all the Zodiac signs, the Aries people are real goers because they simply gravitate towards the situation with very ease.They are the best when it comes organizing or planning because of their optimistic and enthusiastic nature.


Arians being natural leaders, are good at taking charges, and are not meant for monotonous or routine work. People born with Aries traits will prosper if they are in Publicity, Journalism, Advertising, Politics, and Publishing since; they have got that effectual quality to communicate and can easily to form public preferences.

Positive Traits

Aries are generous in nature. They offer their money, time, sympathies and efforts to anyone they believe is being treated unfairly.

Negative Traits

Arians are driven by high energy which can cause anxiety leading to abandoning feeling or fear to fail. Aries people do not easily take the rejection which might lead them to be the reason of bad cause.


Arians are best paired with Leo Sign since they share the similar traits. There is a great deal of harmony seen between these two sign in terms of love, relationship, marriage or working partners. Sagittarius and Aries best when they have bonded as friends. These both signs have a great sense of adventure and challenging role play. With Aries traits there is a possibility of clashes which is tactfully handled by tolerant Sagittarius.

Out of other Zodiac signs, Aries comes closer to this one i.e. Aquarius. However; there is a well-blending with the above two. Aries shares same kind of dynamic approach to that of Aquarius. Both the signs respect each other’s freedom, beliefs, and traditional values.

Common Aries Traits

Disliking: Following trends, Annoyed of not having enough attention
Liking: Technology freaked, setting the goals
Ruling Planet: Mars
Birth Stones: Blood stone, Hematite, Rubies
Colour: Red

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