Laundry Room Organisation Tips Every Parent Should Know

If you’re like most families you feel like you’re losing the war with your laundry. But you can get out from under Mount St. Laundry if you get organised.

Organising your laundry room might be a challenge, especially if it’s a small space, but with a few simple laundry hacks, name tags, tricks and tips, you can turn your laundry room into a model of efficiency and order.

Here are some genius laundry room hacks that will help turn any laundry room, even a small laundry closet, into a fully functional and organised space:

Make The Most Of The Space You’ve Got

It would be great to have a full-size room dedicated to nothing but laundry wouldn’t it? But for most families that’s a dream that will never come true. If you use the space you have creatively and make the most of any available storage space you can make your laundry room functional no matter how small it is.

For example, a skinny storage cart can fit between the washing machine and the wall and it can hold all your laundry soap, fabric softener, and stain fighting tools. That will free up storage space and eliminate having to reach up on a high shelf to get your detergent. You can also add some over the door shelves to the laundry room door to hold detergents and other items and keep them out of the way.

No room for a sorting table or ironing board? Build a butcher block countertop over your washing machine and dryer if you have front loading machines. Then you have a handy space to sort clothes, iron, or fold the clean laundry. Mount a small Mason jar on the wall to hold spare change and other items that you find in the pockets of the laundry. Then treat yourself to a coffee!

Sort Clothes With Multiple Hampers And Bins

A fabulous way to save time when you’re doing the laundry is to set up a sorting system using name tags and multiple laundry hampers. Use one bin for whites, one for colours, one for denim or heavy fabrics, one for clothes that need to be washed on the gentle cycle, and another for towels and linens.

Organising the clothes by colour and fabric will make it a breeze to get the laundry done and you won’t have to worry about whether or not the clothes are being washed in the right cycle.

Use A Portable Wardrobe

If you have clothes that need to be ironed and stay looking great, like clothes for work, a portable wardrobe can be a lifesaver. They don’t take up much space and they are inexpensive and easy to put together. You can hang shirts after they are ironed to prevent wrinkles and put pants and skirts on the shelves.

Zip up the cover to protect them from lint or pet hair. Then just drop into the laundry room and grab a perfectly ironed and clean outfit for work in the morning. This is also a great system to keep school uniforms clean and tidy.

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