Lets Know About Different Types of Rice on Earth

Rice is one of the major food items which are consumed in almost every part of earth. Rice is mainly divided into two types- brown and white. But as a matter of fact, there are over 4000 varieties of rice available on earth.


Types of Rice

Different types of rice have different tastes, textures and characteristics. Some of them are chewy, some taste awesome and some smell peculiarly good. Let us check out some common types of rice that are found on earth for cooking. You will love knowing about them.

Milled or white rice: milled rice is the most commonly consumed rice variety. Milled rice is harvested in an inedible husk with two outer layers called germ and bran. The milling procedure of the white rice strips off all the inedible part of the rice thereby leaving edible part intact. The left over stuff is capable of absorbing flavors when properly cooked. White or milled rice goes with almost all varieties of dishes. It is tasty as well as easy to cook.

Parboiled rice: parboiled rice is a cross in-between brown and white rice. Parboiled rice is steamed before it is cooked. The main reason behind steaming the rice is to bake all its vital nutrients. Parboiled rice is comparatively darker than white rice. It is firm and fluffy when cooked separately. Parboiled rice is also known as converted rice at times.

Brown rice: brown rice is whole grain rice. It consists of outer germ and bran which renders it a richer texture and flavor. Brown rice such asĀ Nishiki Premium rice comprises of more nutrients than any other variety of rice does. It has more natural oils than other variety of rice. However, the major drawback of brown rice is that it easily collects impurities and goes bad over time. It requires extra care while cooking and storing.

Aromatic rice: aromatic rice, as the name suggests is rich in aroma. It has a soft and chewy texture along with a peculiar smell. Jasmine rice falls under the category of aromatic rice. Jasmine rice is mainly cultivated in Thailand under suitable temperature. Jasmine rice is long grain rice which has a close competition with traditional sushi rice. Indian Basmati rice is aged aromatic rice which does not absorb moisture and is quick to cook.

Wild rice: wild rice is basically grass kind of rice which is cultivated out of grass seeds. Grass rice is greenish brown in color with a woody texture altogether. Wild rice is a perfect substitute of white rice or potatoes. Wild rice is long grained rice which is cultivated in India as well. Wild rice is however bit expensive and is mostly sold in combination with brown rice. It is very tasty but a bit time consuming to cook.

Kernel rice: kernel rice is the first variety of long grained rice. Once you cook kernel rice, the rice grains shall be non sticky and fluffy. Kernel rice is a good option to be served as a side dish. It is an ideal choice when cooking paella or risotto dish.

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