Make Money Facebook: Best Tips for Stay At Home Moms

With so many guides and crappy articles written on how to make money online, it becomes tough to decide which to trust. Many of us have perhaps, invested a fairly good amount amongst these for trying and testing sake and got to nowhere.

Before proceeding further, let me tell you one thing there is no such thing like easy money online. There is determination, persistence; a will to learn, striving passion about your work; and hard work that pays.

It’s not that you can’t make money online; yes you can if you have a chosen an honest medium to do so i.e. Facebook.

If socializing and mingling with people is your trend, then making money with Facebook is easy. The best part is stay at home moms can be socially active and make money on the Facebook without having tons of friends.

Yes, if you are asking how to make money with Facebookhere are few simple steps to follow.

  • Get an attractive fan page for your product or services
  • Try inviting people outside your circle or subscribe to various groups to get better leads
  • Add informative info, images and hold events relevant to your products and invite your fan members to review
  • The word of mouth strategy is powerful and still works so this is something similar. The more you interact with people, the more you grow your business

Think about it, this all has worked for many and it will work for you too but if done in a smart way. If the thought of any social networking site being useful in filling your pockets came during earlier years then it is obvious to find it surprising, but our technology has gone by leaps and bounds making it truth of the present date.

3 Top Ways to Make Money with Facebook

Good planning and strategies will help you a lot to achieve success and get your goals. Although there are many methods that can fetch you good money with Facebook, here are some of the best ones.

3 top methods that will tell you how to make money with Facebook in an easy way are as follows:

1- Facebook paid advertising and marketing – This is the favorite among all the marketers and advertisers. As Facebook is a great place where you can find your targeted customers, there is no better place than this to sell your products and services.

Even if you are an affiliate marketer you can make excellent amount of money with Facebook paid advertising and marketing methods.

2- Fan page advertising – This is second way by which you can advertise and market your brand. You can reach to the good volume of targeted customers through your fan page.

Creating a fan page on Facebook is easy and profitable and you can attract more and more customers if you have something unique to serve to your customers. The good idea behind this marketing is, to make your Fan page become popular.

And then you can sell your products and services to the people who visit your fan page. More entertaining and attractive fan page attracts more and more people who then share them more with their friends, in return helping you to make more profits.

3- Developing Facebook apps – There are number of developers on internet who earn good money through Facebook with the help of their developed Facebook Apps. If you know how to create applications for Facebook, you can earn decent income through this.

Facebook applications are basically the small programs that are used through Facebook platform to enhance the user experience on their site. These may include games, quizzes, etc.

Creating and making them popular will help you increase the advertising costs that are displayed along with these applications.

Besides these methods you can sell your service by creating Facebook Fan pages and Facebook applications to the interested users.

Lots of people who do not know how to create these pages and applications always hire developers for these and you can be one among them who can serve them best and earn money with Facebook.

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