Five Ways Investing In a Mattress Topper Can Help The Whole Family to Get a Better Sleep

A mattress topper is simply a layer with which to furnish a mattress in order to provide additional comfort and so aid a restful night’s sleep. Many people opt to invest in a mattress topper as a means of avoiding having to invest in the costly expense of purchasing a new mattress.

That said, many more purchase a mattress topper alongside a new mattress, and many more advise this. Why is it advised to invest in and make use of a mattress topper though? To answer that, here are just five reasons.

Restoring Comfort: Fitting a Mattress Topper to an Existing Mattress

Mattress topper

A mattress topper provides a financially reasonable and far less costly means of making an older mattress once more a comfortable one.

Whilst, ideally, a mattress should be replaced every eight years, many of us fail to live by this rule. Some of us simply cannot afford to live by it. Hence, a mattress topper can prove the solution, at least in the short term and serve during that time.

The fact is, the thin layer of comfort provided by mattresses wears quickly, and once it does, even a perfectly good and reasonably new mattress can lose much of its softness. Then, finding a mattress topper to affix to an existing mattress can then help to prevent sleepless nights caused through the discomfort of laying on top of a lumpy or hard feeling mattress.

In this case, the trick is to purchase a mattress topper that is right for your existing mattress. To do this, you might want to take a look at the mattress toppers which Sleepy People stock and the advice they offer.

Maximising Comfort: Fitting a Mattress Topper to a New Mattress

Ideally, it is advisable to invest in a mattress topper at the time of purchasing a new mattress, rather than waiting until a mattress topper is needed because it wasn’t implemented from the get go. Why? Quite simply, a mattress topper does not just offer extra support and comfort, but protects a mattress from undue wear and tear. So, to sleep easy in the knowledge that you won’t need to fork out for a new mattress anytime soon, investing in a mattress topper is the answer.

Comfort Aside: The Additional Benefits of Using a Mattress Topper

Wear and tear, in mattress terms, comes down to three major factors which make up the remaining three ways investing in a mattress topper can help you to get the best night’s sleep possible.

Firstly, a human body is said to be able to release a staggering two pints of moisture each night. Whilst experts are quick to make clear that not all of that moisture is (thankfully!) lost via sweating, there is no denying the fact; people sweat in bed. In fact, an article published via the Woman’s Day website even argues that we should apply antiperspirant before goni to bed rather than washing it off to remedy this fact. Then, our mattresses absorb a lot over the years and can quickly lose their freshness and become an unpleasant place to bed down. In fact, even just the thought of it is enough to cause sleep problems. Fortunately, there’s no need to sweat about it; instead, (you guessed it) simply invest in a mattress topper.

Secondly, considering just what the average mattress does absorb, the second consideration is dead skin and bacteria. True, nobody wants to face the reality that their mattress contains either, but unfortunately it contains both. Again, a mattress topper can act as a mattress protector and so add peace of mind as well as comfort and alleviate hygiene concerns.

Lastly, mattresses can expect over time to suffer from settlement and indentations. Think of the toil we put our mattresses through as akin to the toil the elements place upon our own skin and bodies; we age, but so too do mattresses and just like us they can end up, when not cared for too brilliantly, a bit worn out at best – and, at worst, plain lumpy and something we want to avoid. Again, a mattress topper can help to take some of the pressure off your mattress, literally so that your mattress does not age prematurely or become a frightening thing to get too close to.

To learn more about the pros and cons of mattress toppers and specifically how to choose the right one for you and your mattress, head over to the No Sleepless Nights website, which features its own handy guide.

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