Nap-a-Roo Book for Kids

Putting a toddler to sleep is one of the most difficult tasks to be done. A preschooler or an infant though does not know how to speak but several things run in to their mind when they are awake. Until and unless these little kids are very tired they just do not feel like sleeping. Even worse with the little grown up once who are some months away from attending the school.

The kids of this age or category remain excited and feel like trying new nuisance every now and then. It is often seen that the parents doze off while putting their babies to sleep while the baby continues to play in the bed. Sleep time stories are one of the best friends for these preschoolers. A bed time story not only keeps them excited but as they quietly listen to the story, they tend to go to sleep with the rhythmic tone and the imaginary world that they create in their mind while listening to the story.

Nap a roo

The Nap-a Roo book is one of the best- selling story books for toddlers. Kristy Kurjan has written the story in such a fancy manner that each and every page of the book ends with some rhyming lines that sounds interesting. Even the parents or grown-ups like to read such interesting rhythmic lines and they do not feel bore while reading the Nap-a-Roo book for the little ones.

The illustration, pictures, bright colors and the dialogue bubbles are created in such a creative way and superb combination that a kid would definitely stick to the book. It is a real good way to keep the toddler stick to the bed and go to sleep. On the other hand the kids learn the rhyming words and some new words that seem exciting to them.

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