New Boy Dolls Provide Children of Color with a Fresh Toy Option

When a child sits down to play, they want to find a doll that looks a little bit like them and that offers them the chance to either imagine that the doll is their child or to imagine that the doll is their own self when they were younger. Children like to have dolls that are made in the same color that they are, and there are not often those kinds of dolls around for those who are seeking them.


There is a new toy company out there that is looking to change the world of dolls and that is hoping to provide boys of color with the chance to play with a doll that looks similar to their own selves.

Melanites is creating dolls that are made to look like boys of color. These dolls are cute and they are cool, and they offer boys of color the chance to connect with a doll. These dolls are made for those boys who want to play with something that looks a little like them. These dolls are made to give children of color the opportunity to play with something that was made just for them and that they can connect with and love in a whole new way.

Those who want to get behind the idea of creating a whole new kind of doll can do that by helping get these dolls into the hands of all who want them. There is a Kickstarter campaign that is going on that will help to get these dolls created and launched. Those who want to play with boy dolls that are of color should have the opportunity to do that, and those who want to help them be able to do that can by giving to the campaign that is going on right now.

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