New Set of Dolls Focused on STEM

When a little girl sits down to play with her dolls, that little girl has the ability to make her dolls into anything that she wants them to be and she has the freedom to use her imagination to help those dolls be successful. Most often, the dolls that a little girl plays with are simple and they come to her with an outfit or two and nothing more.

There is a whole new type of dolls being created and these dolls have something different to offer. There is a set of dolls that is being developed that will offer little girls the chance to play in a STEM focused way.


Each of the new dolls that is being created has its own personality, its own goals for life. The little girls who play with these dolls are going to feel empowered and they are going to feel ready to take on a future that is exciting. The dolls in this group have STEM focused goals – one of them wants to be a doctor, another wants to develop video games. The dolls in this set will encourage young girls to dream big and they will encourage young girls to play in a way that will lend to their future.

This set of dolls offers something new and different, these are toys that will be well loved and that will change lives. Those who are interested in these dolls and all that they have to offer can choose to be a part of the Indiegogo campaign that is going on.

Those who feel that these dolls should be available to the public can help out with their creation and their introduction to the world by donating to the campaign. The world has need of a new kind of doll, and it will get that with this set.

You can support this project and join them at:

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