Nintendo’s Now I Know My ABC To Give Your Child The Best Basic Knowledge

In this hi-tech world, if you’re looking forward to give your child a futuristic kick start, then you’re definitely not at fault. Your kids are smart enough to acknowledge technology even for their basics and you cannot help but provide them with resources which not only encourages them to take interest in studies but also keeps them updated with technology too.

The Nintendo’s Now I Know My ABC is exactly the game which you should gift your child this year.


It is an amazing and exciting way to recognize, understand and learnt he alphabets. The touch screen on the Educational Wii U Video Game brings the forth the knowledge of alphabets in upper as well as lowercase. Every alphabet has been linked to a color.

And, not only visually, the toddlers can even get a hang of pronouncing the letters. The moment you press the icon of the letter, you hear the pronunciation accurately. This gives them the knowledge of true accent. Once the kid has practiced writing his letter, a loud crowd cheers for him adding positive reinforcement to his efforts!

The educational game is just perfect for your young toddler to know the alphabets before entering his school. Make your child smarter than the other kindergarten kids by presenting him with Educational Wii U Video Game. It is certainly one of the best technologies which you can gift your growing baby for a healthy and futuristic future. They’re simply going to love you for this awesome gizmo present.

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