5 Nursery Peel and Stick Wallpaper Designs Perfect for Boys


Decorating a nursery for a baby boy can be an exciting and enjoyable task for new parents. Parents can easily personalize the space and create a unique look in the nursery  by adding wallpaper. However, traditional wallpaper installation can be time-consuming and messy if you don’t have the right tools and skills. That’s where peel and stick wallpaper comes in handy. If you have been in the lookout for the best nursery peel and stick wallpaper designs perfect for your son, then this article has it all.

Jungle and Safari Animals

Jungle and safari animal-themed peel and stick wallpaper is a popular choice for baby boys’ nurseries. This is actually one of the most popular wallpaper designs for baby boys that you can find in nearly all nurseries. You can choose a jungle and safari themed wallpaper with a variety of animals, such as lions, tigers, monkeys, and giraffes, set against a backdrop of lush greenery. The main reason why this design is popular for boys is that it is not only visually appealing but also helps to stimulate the baby’s imagination and encourage learning on nature and different animals.


Transportation themed wallpapers

Transportation-themed peel and stick wallpaper for nursery can be a great option for baby boys. Most boys love different transportation modes and will always find car themed wallpapers, plane themed wallpapers, ship and train themed wallpapers an appealing option.  Choose a design that features various modes of transportation, such as airplanes, cars, trucks, and trains, in bright and vibrant colors. It can create a playful and adventurous space for the boys.

Sports themed wallpapers

For parents who want to create a sporty and energetic nursery for their boys, then a sports-themed peel and stick wallpaper is an excellent choice. It can feature some of the lately emerging footballers, basketball players or cowboys. It can as well feature basketball, soccer, football, and baseball, in vibrant colors. The wallpaper helps to create a lively and fun atmosphere that inspires the baby to be active and playful.

Outer Space themed wallpapers

Here is another wallpaper design perfect for parents that want to create a dreamy and imaginative nursery for their little boys. The design can feature planets, stars, rockets, and other space-themed elements set against a dark blue or black backdrop. It easily helps to create a calming and soothing atmosphere that encourages relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Nautical Themed nursery wallpapers

Nautical-themed peel and stick wallpaper for a nursery feature a variety of nautical elements such as anchors, sailboats, lighthouses, and sea creatures. It helps create a serene and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for bedtime stories and quiet playtime for the boy.


Parents can settle for different nursery wallpaper designs that can easily personalize and beautify a baby boy’s nursery. The five designs we’ve discussed are all great options to create a unique and playful space for your little boy. There are several other options that you can try but when choosing the right wallpaper design for your nursery, consider your child’s interests, the overall theme of the room, and the mood you want to create.

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