Parakeet Budgie: A Great Bird Pet for Your Home

Parakeets are intelligent and beautiful birds and amazing company as a pet. This cute little parrot is the most captive pet that people love to have. However; we all know as a “Parakeet” or “Budgie”, but it is called a “Budgerigar”. They are seen in attractive colours like Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, and Red. These parrots hail from Central Australia and are found mostly living in scrub, desert and wooden areas.

Parakeet budgie is one of the most adorable, entertaining, and affectionate, and fun loving pets that anyone could ask for. If you desire a pet which is low maintenance, loving, high energy, and will offer you joy and you would love being with it then Parakeet is the right choice for you.

Parakeet Budgie

Having a pretty bird in a nice, decorative cage and going on with your life waiting to be entertained is not the way you expect from your pet. Parakeet budgie loves to interact, held, talked to and loves attention. The more time you spend talking with it, the more expressive and talkative the will be. Hence; it is important that you give more and more time to your little bird.

Picking this bird is not enough, it is important that you keep the environment “Parakeet friendly”. It takes great deal of time to establish relationship and have that level of bonding. It will not harm, if you can let them free from cage for a while and let them fly within secured boundaries. Ensure to keep them safe from escaping or from other pets that you have in your house.

Now available at majority of the pet store, private breeders, bird shows and bird marts which can be an ideal place to buy these Parakeet budgie. Before you consider buying your new pet it is important that you take some time in inspecting. Also, know what these species are before you commit to them.

A healthy Parakeet budgie can live almost 15 years which is a great responsibility. Are you okay with that?

Your Parakeet might not get along with other pet in your home

Will you be able to devote enough time to spend with your pet?

It will do well if you have one after another Parakeet rather than both at the same time

If you are agreeing or say Okaying these points then there is lot of happiness, fun and enjoyment that you will have for you and your family.

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