10 Best Pistol Safe for Home Use

Pistols and guns are the passion of many professional hunters and shooters at present, which according to its use demands the application of pistol safes to avoid mishaps and accidents.

It is an important part of a gun ownership to place your pistol in a pistol safe and protect all the times.

Sometimes it is too much to look whether the pistol is locked in a safe box, though you have checked it more than once. This sort of action makes you confirm the safety of the pistol from causing harm.

Basically, there are unpredictable mishaps in life which can’t be put off, but can be prevented by taking precautions and care with simplest methods.

Whatever the cost, effort or quality it is, you need to have a handgun safe to maintain safety and enjoy safe life.

10 Best Gun Safe for Home Reviews

After owning the firearms, keeping them safe is essential. And for this purpose we have listed here the 10 best brands with brief introduction about them.

These reviews will give you an idea and an easy way to choose as per your need and budget so that you can enjoy the safe storage of the pistols and guns at home without imposing any risks.

1- Stack-On Gun Safe

Stack-On Gun safes in various models, size and with different features is an amazingly safe to store pistols for quick and simple reach to the pistol in times of need.

Holding the capacity to keep more than 10 firearms with advanced door locking system for safety and protection, the brand is best to assemble in a dry spot and any corner of your bedroom or study attached to the wall.

2- Barska Gun Safe

Tried and accurate, Barska pistol Biometric safe is a perfect choice of many for storage of sensitive items like pistols and compact valuables.

Being average in size and amazing practically, this brand of safes is easy to use with fingerprint technology that gives safety and guaranteed security to your weapons. Many choose this brand due to its affordable price and biometric technology that sounds safety all round the clock.

3- GunVault Safe

GunaVault pistol safes are the premium products which set the standard for the rest of the pistol safes industry. Its patented No-Eyes keypad with Biometric pad presents a lighting quick reach to the firearm even in the dark.

Go through the brand and choose the mini, micro, multi or Bio Vault designs to store your pistol and handgun.

4- SentrySafe Gun Safe

In this brand of pistol safes, you find many designs and sizes of models to protect your handguns and pistols from theft and mishandling by children.

Additionally, when you look for SentrySafe safes for your arms there are waterproof chest system, electronic lock system and other features which give you tension free nights and day all through the year.

5- Homak Gun Safe

Homak, a security cabinet for rifles, handguns and pistols with tubular locking mechanism is considered as the best brand to some who desires to save costs by purchasing this which stores more than 3-4 rifles as powerful barrier against the curious guest, children and thieves.

Once locked by the owner opens at times of needs only after performing the code system.

6- Bulldog Gun Safe

A heavy duty steel box with a black matte finish is a perfect brand of pistol safe to purchase and store your firearm for a long period of time.

Available with durable, soft and scratch resistant interior, you can go through the range, design, size and combination of deluxe lock systems which gives a safe storage to your favorite pistol.

7- Hornady Gun Safe

This brand is a revolutionary concept in the market with a combination of easy access and safety of the pistol.

Introduced as a safe in the wink of an eye, it is fast to touch and free to access with a child resistant design to place your handguns and maintain safety.

8- Fort Knox Gun Safe

Fort Knox brand designs the pistol safe with reliability and strength, keeping in mind the requirements of the pistol owner to protect it from thieves and attack.

The simplex push mechanical lock is easy to sue and fast to open where the users can set a good combination of a lock code to protect the firearm. Purchase this as it is the best bang for the pistol.

9- V line Gun Safe

V-line compact pistol safe, the name itself mentions what the brand is about and how much place is presented to place the pistol.

Well, being a compact safe for pistols, it is strong storage to keep long guns and handy firearms with a top grade locking system which gives added security and easy access when required.

10- Honeywell Gun Safe

As every brand has its own specialty in protecting pistols and rifles, Honeywell’s pistol safes are superior in providing safety and additional protection from the theft.

Its line of pistol safes with steel security, amazing interior storage capacity, programmed style digital entry, concealed hinges, emergency override access keys, easy to carry and limited warranty features makes it a good purchase to have a peace of mind.

Things To Check Before Buying A Gun Safe

Well handgun safe for homes are incredibly important mainly when it requires long term storage. The first thing to consider is to keep it unloaded and then look for pistol safe as you can load it when in use at the moment.

If you have a small size pistol in your home to target the aim as a recreational activity in the backyard or in any open stadium, then use pistol safes as an important measure to keep the gun covered all the time.

In addition to it, it is important to lock the gun in a secure container, cabinet or safe place which is far away from young kids.

There are many things to go through in features while shopping a safe for your dangerous handgun. Here are some of the things you need to give preference to:

  • Size – to hold and place the gun comfortably.
  • Security – with an electronic system, combination locks and other types of technology equipped safes for safety.
  • Pricing – Go through the pricing as it needs to go well with quality, size, and safety and makes a good deal that worth’s your investment.

Other various things that you should look at before buying a best safe for your pistol include examining of the locking mechanism.

The steel used for manufacturing of these safes should be drilling free and fire proof so that one can place the dangerous handgun safely and securely.

Besides all of it, the main thing to consider while buying a pistol safe is locking system. A lock that comes with fingerprint recognition is considered as the safest as no one can dare to open it without your fingerprint on the lock.

You can therefore consider buying a high quality Biometric pistol safe which is most suitable, safe and secure.

It is more in demand and useful to access in dark situation and in stressful times too.

Overall, those who have a good collection of pistols and other firearms need to protect them as a responsible citizen. It is essential to keep it out of reach of those hands who are not are about the use of guns, mainly children and other people.

It is sensible to invest in a safe as you have many ranges to go through and select as the main requirement which cost thousands but gives complete protection to the firearm.

If you desire to keep them locked in a closed and safe cabinet, then look for a top rated safe with better performance which provides safety even in high temperatures.

Look for the safe which fits into your budget and gives a good combination of amazing features which you desired to have in one.

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