Playhang: the Most Innovative Foldable Hanger!

Are you experiencing inconvenience with hanging your clothes into the wardrobe? Playing can be the best solution to your issue. If your kids don’t adore the process of organizing clothes with usual hangers, introduce a playhang for your little cuties!

Playhang is the most innovative foldable hanger promoting the desire to start organizing your clothes immediately. The children admit that playhang is funny, creative and interesting to use. This is an opportunity for them to hang the clothes without additional help.


Your imagination about perfect order in wardrobe will become a reality with this gimmicky product. This is not just a hanger, but a sort of toy to entertain your kids and make them involved into the process. Moreover, you will avoid stretched necklines, broken hangers, and hard to reach clothes!

The most essential thing about the hanger is that your child won’t struggle with huge and inconvenient hangers anymore. Instead, he will enjoy the process and learn with great pleasure. The children can easily play with Playhang, as it has a cute face of animal on it turning the product into a lifesaver for parents.

You are able to choose from six images of animals or develop your own image that is to appear on the product in the nearest future. The current images are Mrs. Giraffe, Kitty Cat, Sir Elephant, Dr. Monkey, Little Pego and Mr.Wuff. These extraordinary characters will support the desire of your child to learn organizing process quickly.

The project concerning the Playhang is currently available on Kickstarter and waiting for your little financial support. We hope that the project will be introduced to life in April 2016 and thousands of Playhangs appear in your kids’ wardrobe.

Your kids will experience hours of fun when learning how to hang clothes in the wardrobe. Give a start to a lot of smiles and fun!

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