Popularity Of Thai Teas And Its Different Types

Thai Teas

Thai Tea does not necessarily refer to something which is exclusively a Thai specialty and availability. Any Thai joint offers this kind of tea.

Robustly brewed black tea is the main content of this type. Star anise, condensed milk, other Thai herbs and some spices are the essential components to make Thai Tea.

The procedures required to make the tea variations of this type are very easy and can be done by anyone, if proper attention is given during the experimentation.

Thai Teas

Thai Teas

There is Dark Thai Iced Tea (cha dam yen) which is basically the traditional Indian tea that people mostly have.

No milk is used for this type of tea, and only sugar and tea leaves are proportionally added during the making, Thai tea already having the star anise, herbs, etc.

This Thai Iced Tea Recipe is ideally served chilled and not just cold.

This is refreshing undoubtedly and also can be had by people who have issues with digesting milk or do not want anything heavy at the time of drinking tea.

When condensed milk is added to the already prepared Thai Iced Tea, properly continuously stirring it into the warm tea, the tea turns to a bright attractive orange color and Thai Iced tea or Cha Yen is ready to serve.

Sometimes the milk deposits at the bottom so carefully stirring the milk while pouring is very necessary.

Lime Thai Iced Tea has sugar and the lime (in real or with essence), and sometimes mint as additional content added to the Thai Iced Tea Recipe barring the milk as lime and milk do not go together in food.

Lime tea is better enjoyed hot and is found more refreshing than the iced variation. Cha yen can be chosen over this as the milk content is preferred by many.

Generally the preparation of any tea takes hardly five minutes. Boiling water and adding tea leaves and other ingredients do not take much time. It is the cooling part which takes around two hours on average to reach the perfect optimum cooling.

Jasmine essence can be added to Cha yen for better presentation and better aroma. However, theĀ Thai Iced Tea Recipe should not undergo any changes and the essence too should not overdo the tea.

Every iced tea is prepared first, then strained and then stored in for refrigeration. That way the content gets more scope to mix and give better taste. While cold, the mobility and miscibility of the ingredients in any recipe decreases, be it Thai Iced Tea Recipe or any other recipe.

Thai red tea leaves mixed with star anise, cinnamon and vanilla also provide a great aroma and taste to the tea. Basil can be added for garnishing after the prepared and cooled content has been poured in a tail glass or something equally elegant.

The Cha yen or any other type of tea does not just carry the taste but even the color and feeling while having it makes a lot of difference to the tea drinker.

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