Pregnancy without Pounds Review: What it is all about?

Pregnancy is the greatest event to ever happen in the life of a woman. However, the joy associated with it can be married to a certain extent due to unattractive weight gain, excess flab, development of love handle and so on.


“Pregnancy without pounds reviews” is the book which has gained popularity amongst the expectant mothers these days. In this “pregnancy without pounds” review, we shall take a brief look about the contents and learn what is so much eye-catching that it has become an overnight celebrity.

Pregnancy without pounds: What exactly is all about?

Written and designed by Michelle Moss, a health coach, a famous pregnancy expert and a nutritionist says, the book is the step by step fitness program to educate the pregnant women on how to keep in shape and maintain the body weight during pregnancy, and to ensure that they do not wind up being overweight after the child birth.

To achieve this target, Pregnancy without pounds- the book provides a detailed program with precise directions on what not to do and what to do each day.

As per Michelle Moss, her pregnancy fitness book can help any number of women to look stunning during their pregnancy period and explains you how to prevent gaining excessive pounds, and to shed the weight after the child birth by working out few minutes during the day.

To learn more about on this, and to see if Pregnancy without pounds is truly helping, let’s see the pros and cons of the same.

Pregnancy without Pounds Book – The Good and the Bad

The Good

The author of this fitness pregnancy guidance book- Michelle Moss is been in the women’s fitness industry for over fifteen years. There is no doubt in that; she possesses greater knowledge when it is to discuss about women’s pregnancy and fitness.

Easy to follow program: Pregnancy without pounds comprises of various varied components and guidance that offers step-by-step instructions on how to sail along during your pregnancy. It also comes with different exercise sequences, which helps in dealing with pregnancy weight problems and stretch marks. It comes with useful tips and 2 different kits: Another added advantage is that the book comes with bonus tips and is available in 2 kits to choose from.

The Bad

Not a complete way out for cellulite: It is true that the tips within the book help, but it isn’t offering a permanent solution to get rid of your cellulite.


Largely, Pregnancy without pounds offers a good fitness program which turns out to be very accommodating for those who want to avoid putting unnecessary weight and still wants to look gorgeous during and after their pregnancy.

Pregnancy without Pounds: How It Helped and My Personal Experiences

Pregnancy without pounds brought out by the leading pregnancy fitness expert Michelle Moss is the perfect antidote to counteract the ill effects and sail through pregnancy by staying in shape, fit and toned. The book shares effective strategies to bring about weight loss for pregnant women. And like all the women who benefited from this amazing program I am also one among them who has benefitted from it greatly.

Let me share my experiences here with this amazing book…

During my trimesters, I was saved from gaining excess flab in all the wrong places due to incorrect posture or slothful habits. Like an instructor, the book guided me with the core strengthening exercise that strengthened my pelvic muscles, further opened up my uterus, and made my labor relatively easier.

After my cherished thought of having a cute baby materialized, the tips mentioned kept me on a strict post pregnancy exercise regime coupled with post pregnancy diet, which streamlined my shedding of excessive fat easier.

I regained my suave appearance at a rapid pace and the charm about me was appreciated by all. By the third week after delivery, my overweight frame had fallen back to its pre-pregnancy glory and the baby had no problem suckling my breasts. The program saved my breasts from sagging too. With “Pregnancy without Pounds” by my side, I experienced an awesome pregnancy and lived ecstatically each moment of the divine feeling.

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